We stock kit from:

Aaron www.aaronhifi.com.au
Advance Acoustics advance-acoustic.com
Aedle Headphones www.aedle.net
Amina Acoustics Invisible Speakerswww.aminasound.com
Ambience www.ambiencespeakers.com.au
Anthem www.anthemav.com
Arcam www.arcam.co.uk
Audiolab www.audiolab.co.uk
Audio Research ... valve gear from heaven ... www.audioresearch.com
Bryston from Canada www.bryston.com
Cambridge Audio www.cambridgeaudio.com
Chord cables www.chord.co.uk
Chord Electronics www.chordelectronics.co.uk
Control 4 www.control4.com
Creek www.creekaudio.co.uk
Crestron control systems www.crestron.com
Cyrus www.cyrusaudio.com
Denon www.denon.com.au
Densen www.densen.dk
Devialet www.devialet.com
Dynaudio www.dynaudio.com
Elan Home Systems www.elanhomesystems.com
Herma projection screens www.herma.com.au
Isotek www.isoteksystems.com
Jamo www.jamo.com
Klipsch www.klipsch.com.au
Krix www.krix.com.au
Legend www.legendspeakers.com.au
Leema Acoustics www.leema-acoustics.com
Linn www.linn.co.uk
Loewe www.loewe.tv
Luxman www.luxman.com
Marantz www.marantz.com.au
Michell Turntables www.michell-engineering.co.uk
Monitor Audio www.monitoraudio.com
Morel HiFi www.morelhifi.com
Musical Fidelity www.musical-fidelity.co.uk
Niles Audio Corporation www.nilesaudio.com
Nordost cables www.nordost.com
Nuvo Multi Zone systems www.nuvotechnologies.com
Oppo Blu Ray Players www.oppo.com.au
Ortofon www.ortofon.com
Philips Televisions www.philips.com.au.com
PMC www.pmc-speakers.com
PS Audiowww.psaudio.com
Project Record Players www.projectaudio.com.au
Q Acoustics www.qacoustics.co.uk
QED www.qed.co.uk
Quadral Loudspeakers www.quadral.com
Quadraspire acoustic racks www.quadraspire.co.uk
Rega www.rega.co.uk
Rel Subwoofers www.rel.net
Roksan roksan.co.uk
Rotel www.rotel.com.au
Ruark Audio posh radios www.ruarkaudio.com 
Samsung www.samsung.com
Screen Technics Projection Screens www.screentechnics.com.au
Sennheiser www.sennheiser.com
Sharp Australia www.sharp.net.au
Sim2 Projectors www.sim2.com
Sonos www.sonos.com.au
Sonus faber www.sonusfaber.com
Sony Cinema Projectors www.sony.com.au
Stealth Acoustics www.stealthacoustics.com
Speakercraft ... the U.S ace of in-wall speakers www.speakercraft.com
Sunfire www.sunfire.com
Tannoy www.tannoy.com
Thorens www.thorens.com
Tara Labs www.taralabs.com
Ultralift www.ultraliftaustralia.com.au
Van Den Hul www.vandenhul.com
Vicoustic Acoustic treatment www.vicoustic.com
Wolf Cinema Projectors www.wolfcinema.com
Xantech Custom Systems www.xantech.com

Others Links

AMG All Music Guide www.allmusic.com
Audio Video Revolution reviews of music and equipment www.avrev.com
CNet Tech News www.news.com.com
Internet Movie Database www.imdb.com
Apple Movie Trailers www.apple.com/trailers
What's on in Melbourne? www.melbourne.citysearch.com.au
ABC News www.abc.net.au/news
The Chaser www.chaser.com.au
6 Moons - quirky audio review! www.6moons.com
What Hi Fi? UK tabloid Hi Fi mag www.whathifi.com
Stereo Net Australia www.stereo.net.au
Thinkgeek www.thinkgeek.com

Rab's Personal Favourites

New Scientist www.newscientist.com
Scientific American www.scientificamerican.com
The Gun by C.J.Chivers www.cjchivers.com
Motorcycle Daily www.motorcycledaily.com
Space Daily www.spacedaily.com
Encyclopedia Astronautica www.astronautix.com
Popbitch www.popbitch.com
Fitzroy Community School www.fcs.vic.edu.au
Sonic Bomb http://sonicbomb.com
Bloodrunners www.bloodrunners.com
Spiked www.spiked-online.com
War is Boring www.war-is-boring
Hi-Fi World, my favourite Audio/Video Rag hi-fiworld.co.uk
"Visordown" UK Motorcycle site www.visordown.com/
BBC News news.bbc.co.uk
Wikipedia wikipedia.org