So, of course there is plenty of stuff for us to clear. We've always got plenty of gems lurking in dark corners of the shop. Great gear that for one reason or another is time to move on. Discontinued models, excess floorstock, trade ins, bits of gear that just never really found the right system. There is always something that's kicking around that we're willing to part with at a bargain price. Due to the migration, we've not got a full list up here yet, but we're working to rectify that. If you're chasing something in particular, please call the store!

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  • Devialet Gemini Earbuds

    Another pair of $500ish Earbuds to come onto the market. Clearer in sound than the Klipsches the emphasis is on good sound quality with the noise cancelling turned on. 

    We love the little design touches and the simple sliding case that doubles as the charger.

    Read more about the Devialet Gemini Earbuds here at Devialet's official Site

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    Regular Price: $499.00

    Special Price $309.00

  • Pro-ject Primary E Turntable, Black

    Selling at a price point where otherwise only the nastiest of plastic devices from brands like Crosley and Audio Technica are sold.

    Made in Europe and coming with an Ortofon cartridge this is one excellent bargain. Completely manual the straightforward belt drive design lowers the noise floor and emulates the basic principles of players worth thousands.

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    Regular Price: $499.00

    Special Price $385.00

  • Earmen TR-AMP, Headphone Amp & DAC, EX-DEMO, Metallic Red

    This is a quality unit. A metallic chassis houses a beefy headphone amp and DAC but still in a neat portable, battery operated form. 

    Nice touches are the ability to run the 3.5 and the 1/4 inch outputs simultaneously.

    There's nothing clunky or cheap feeling on this unit. The volume knob feels solid and smooth and sturdy. No cheap bits of plastic attached to the unit at all.

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    Regular Price: $480.00

    Special Price $399.00

  • Loewe Klang S1 Radio

    Loewe Klang S1 Smart radio is an easy-to-use classy tabletop radio. Sleek and modern in its aesthetic it is made in Germany by Loewe, the maker of the first commercial Televisions. Loewe has a long and continued history of making not only premium quality Televisions but also sleek lifestyle pieces for everyday use.

    If you'd like a little music or talk back radio to fill your kitchen or Living space that is quality but not as space consuming as a full HiFi system, this is for you.

    Upgrade to the slightly bigger Klang S3 for a deeper, bigger sound.

    We do not carry stock of all of the colours all of the time. Please contact us to check availability on stock.

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    Regular Price: $799.00

    Special Price $639.00

  • Rotel RSP 1572 Surround Sound Processor, TRADE-IN

    This unit is about 10 years old now but it is still a solid quality unit. This was a trade-in against a new surround sound amplifier. Great as a good quality, great value unit.

    A surround sound processor with classic Rotel audiophile quality for exceptional theater performance.
     Black unit, no visible scratches or marks. Remote control included but no box or other accessories.
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    Regular Price: $2,499.00

    Special Price $700.00

  • Rotel A11 Tribute Amplifier ... Ken Ishiwata's last stand

    Rotel know how to make an amp, for anyone who is a student of amplifier design in the same way that so many red blooded males are students of automobile engines looking at a Rotel amplifier with the cover off is an exercise of Hi Fi lust.

    This Ishiwata Tribute amplifier is the AMG version of the normal Rotel A11 ... but it's the same price ... fantastic ...

    Official Rotel site for the A11 Tribute amplifier

    StereoNet on the Rotel Tribute components

    "Hi Fi News" on the Rotel Tribute components

    "Hifi Choice" on the Rotel Tribute components

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    Regular Price: $1,099.00

    Special Price $769.00

  • SVS SB1000 Classic, Subwoofer

    This is an interesting unit designed to drop the price of the subwoofers just a bit . It doesn't have the smarts of the Pro version with the EQing abilities of the App nor does it have the upgraded drivers and tweaks to the componentry.

    It still has a 12" driver and a high powered D class amplifier.

    Excellent value for money.

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    Regular Price: $1,099.00

    Special Price $799.00

  • SVS PB-1000 Classic

    This is the non Pro version of the PB-1000. It is a revamping of the earlier version of this subwoofer in order to be able to sell it on a bidget.

    Still a very good subwoofer but it doesn't have the 12" driver (only a 10") as well as only one bass port.

    The Pro version also boasts in app adjustability for on the fly tweaks to your system and the newer and heftier amplifier module that is capable of higher output.

    Black Ash finish only.

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    Regular Price: $1,299.00

    Special Price $899.00

  • Loewe Radio Klang S3

    Loewe Radio Klang S3 is an all-in-one radio with a cd player as well. A sleek modern design perfect for sitting on the kitchen bench or in the Living Room.

    On display now.

    Please call us to check availability on colours.

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    Regular Price: $1,199.00

    Special Price $959.00

  • Rega RP3 Turntable with New Elys 2 cartridge, TRADE-IN

    This is a quality unit that has come in because the client has upgraded to another Rega. We've given this unit a complete once over service and all it needed was a bit of a clean and a new cartridge. Brand new, current model Rega Elys 2 fitted by us here at Carlton Audio Visual comes included with this Turntable.

    For the price of a Rega Planar 2 upgrade to a perfect condition RP3!

    This unit comes with a lid. We've just taken pictures of it without the lid on.

    It also comees with a box but because of their delicate nature and the age of the box. Pick-up or drop off arranged with us would be preferable. Please get in touch if you'd like us to deliver the this Turntable.


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    Regular Price: $1,649.00

    Special Price $999.00

  • Cyrus One Integrated Amplifier ... still great after all these years

    1 Review(s)

    One unit left. New in a box. 100W in a half-sized chassis. The perfect amp for a harder to drive set of bookshelves.

    We saw this first at the Munich Hi Fi show where it was being used to drive something unlikely and very difficult in loudspeakers, it was a quiet little session in the demo room at Munich with a definite tension in the air as the wolves were circling each other in the Distribution Arena. The smell of blood was in the water and the knives were out.

    The Cyrus One had raised the interest level in the product and what had been a quiescent and polite gentleman's agreement to purvey in Australia was attracting a new level of interest.

    This is a really strong product for us ... finally a rival for the Rega Brio?

    Cyrus One Official website.

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    Regular Price: $1,399.00

    Special Price $1,119.00

  • Devialet Mania portable "metamorphic" loudspeaker, EX-DEMO light grey

    The use of the term metamorphic in this new products description alludes to both the groundbreaking technology that is applied here and the potential ability of the prodigious bass output making the earth move for you ...

    Devialet continues to produce unique and innvotive audio products that set the benchmark for top performance in their categories. This Mania applies the now established Pahantom tech to a portable wireless loudspeaker.

    The Mania is available in light grey or black for $1400 or in a gold Opera version including desktop charger for $1700. It has a ten hour battery life, a 95dB output and a unique active microphone sensing system that adjusts the output pattern to match the acoustic environment.

    I realy like the idea of having a Mania as an Australian lifestyle crossover device sitting in a charging cradle as an internal speaker then being taken outside when circumastance permits.

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    Regular Price: $1,699.00

    Special Price $1,149.00

  • Cyrus One Cast, integrated amplifier with Chromecast

    This is the third version of this very capable amplifier to be released and it is exceptionally innovative. To our knowledge this is the first piece of proper Hi-Fi to have a Google Cast built into it.

    So it has all the Cyrus One attributes of clean midrange articulation with excellent spatial rendition. The Cyrus techs have engineered a Google Chromecast into the digital preamplifier section that allows for broad spectrum access of all the streaming services.

    Cyrus One Cast official website 

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    Regular Price: $2,399.00

    Special Price $1,400.00

  • Cyrus One HD amplifier, an English Genie

    One left of this great little amp. New in a box and packed with features as well as a great sound.

    This is the upgraded version with digital inputs of the terrific Cyrus One previously released

    This has a clean, open, and balanced presentation of the music with the classic Cyrus tonality of a forward and articulate midrange without a harsh treble nature. They have always managed terrific treble extension but without the harshness so endemic in typical "buy fast repent in leisure" products from the mainstream brands.

     Official website for the Cyrus One HD

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    Regular Price: $1,799.00

    Special Price $1,439.00

  • Dynaudio Emit 30 Floorstanding speakers, EX-DEMO, Black

    Price drop Ahoy!

    The first floorstanding speaker in the Dynaudio range is not cheap but remains a reasonable purchase and can be that speaker that will see you you through your cycle of urban mortality ...

    These are nice speakers that will last a very long time, owning these is the complete opposite of a sino-american horn loaded Walmart product with viscous treble and overblown bass that so many people buy as their first loudspeaker. Making that sort of faux american loudspeaker purchase mistake is like having the too-much-alcohol and too-much-drugs with far-right values boyfriend as your first relationship.

    A pair of Dynaudios is on the other hand falling in love with the nerd in the library who shines with beauty when they let their hair down and take their spectacles off and can also cook and dance.. these are smart and subtle without a high end price tag.

    These units are the current, latest Emits. Released in 2021.

    Dynaudio homepage for the 2021 Emit 30 loudspeakers 

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    Regular Price: $2,599.00

    Special Price $1,499.00

  • Naim Hi-Cap TRADE-IN

    We have a trade-in unit available of an older version of the Naim HiCap (that is the non DR version). 

    This is the perfect unit to pair with a range of Naim products to dramatically improve their performance.

    Included is a SNAIC cable and a Mains cable. This unit does not come with a box. 

    I was absolutely astounded the difference it made when we paired it with a Naim Supernait. So much more detail and depth to the music. The change was evident from the very first note.

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    Regular Price: $3,900.00

    Special Price $1,500.00

  • Monitor Audio Silver W-12 Subwoofer, B-STOCK

    This is an interesting unit. This unit has had parts replaced in it and is an opened box but barely used. It comes with full factory warranty with Box and all the accessories.

    Black unit.

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    Regular Price: $2,199.00

    Special Price $1,500.00


    A high quality performance integrated amplifier in a small, elegant chassis. This unit has connectivity for a subwoofer as well as digital connections perfect to create a mini home entertainment system.

    The Marantz silver has always been a favourite for customers and combined with its lovely wooden side panels, this isn't a unit that you need to hide away.

    This particular unit has been on display for a number of years but hasn't seen that much use. It is in very good condition but does have some small, superficial marks on the casing. 

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    Regular Price: $2,450.00

    Special Price $1,699.00


    This is Phantom II, a new breed of wireless speaker. By stretching size and performance beyond reasonable limits, Devialet engineers have brought to life the only ultra-compact home sound system capable of delivering high fidelity and physical impact, whatever volume you listen at. Insanely powerful. Defiantly small. You won’t know what hit you.

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    Regular Price: $1,899.00

    Special Price $1,749.00

    Available in Store

  • Pro-Ject Metallica Limited Edition Turntable, EX-DEMO

    A really special Turntable designed alongside Metallica themselves this will become a real talking point in anyone's living room.

    Only a limited amount of these have been made and relatively few have come to Australia. 

    The last one left at Carlton Audio Visual. It hasn't had any play and has been sitting in a display window on Lygon st.

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    Regular Price: $2,299.00

    Special Price $1,749.00

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