So, of course there is plenty of stuff for us to clear. We've always got plenty of gems lurking in dark corners of the shop. Great gear that for one reason or another is time to move on. Discontinued models, excess floorstock, trade ins, bits of gear that just never really found the right system. There is always something that's kicking around that we're willing to part with at a bargain price. Due to the migration, we've not got a full list up here yet, but we're working to rectify that. If you're chasing something in particular, please call the store!

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  • Denon DP-29F Turntable

    This humble little injection moulded moulded belt drive P Mount fully automatic turntable is a nostalgia trip back to my early retailing days in the seventies. Yet it still sells through several times a week. A very neat device with switcheable built in Phono stage that can be plonked into a modern system and reintroduce you to the joys of vinyl.

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    Regular Price: $299.00

    Special Price $199.00

  • Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless (Mk 1)

    A crisp, clean sound we expect from Sennheiser but in a little package without any wires. Perfect for commuting or exercising, these in-ear buds come with 4 different sizes of tips so you find the right fit for you.

    Nice touches like automatic stop play when you remove an earbud and intelligent voice control and touchpad on each earbud

    One pair left, unopened.

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    Regular Price: $499.00

    Special Price $399.00

  • Pro-Ject T1 (non phono, SB version), Festive Season SPECIAL, Black

    The Pro-Ject T1 is a great entry Turntable and now at a killer price and in stock ready for Christmas. Only available in Black.

    A perfect turntable for a teenagers first turntable with a couple of extra features ike a glass platter to set itself apart from the pack.

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    Regular Price: $549.00

    Special Price $409.00

  • Sennheiser HD630VB headphones

    The Sennheiser HD 630VB is designed for the music enthusiast on the go. When connected to a portable audio device, mobile phone or tablet, it delivers the balance, clarity and dynamics typically associated with audiophile headphones driven by dedicated amplifiers found in a high-end home audio systems. Your listening experience is complemented by the closed-back design attenuating ambient noise and a unique variable bass feature allowing fine tuning of low frequencies. Ear cup located controls and in-line cable microphone provide functionality with both Apple (iOS) and Android devices. Crafted using aluminum components for strength and durability, the HD 630VB can be folded for portability.

    These are a discontinued model now so we're clearing them out. 

    Have a look at a Video Review of the HD630VB here.

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    Regular Price: $799.00

    Special Price $549.00

    Available in Store

  • Denon Ceol Piccolo N5, White Mini-System, EX-DEMO

    This cute little Mini-System has a full set of features and is perfect for a room which requires a small footprint stereo.

    Able to connect directly to spotify and stream any music stored on a PC or hard drive sitting on the same network. If you have an older model iPod or iPhone, put it to good use with the dock.

    Apart from that, you have an analogue input, optical input, USB input (on the front) and a subwoofer output to beef out the sound even more. We think it does quite nicely without one.

    What Hi-FI says it has a 'Full, natural and always enjoyable sound' with 'never a hint of brightness.

    We're packaging this up with the speakers and throwing in some speaker cable as well!

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    Regular Price: $899.00

    Special Price $549.00

  • Monitor Audio Silver C150 Festive Season SPECIAL, Walnut & Black Oak

    About 80% of the dialogue in a sound track comes from the centre speaker so it's important to get it right. That way you're not the annoying person who always asks 'what did they just say?'. Getting a timbre match between the Front Left and Right speakers and the Centre Chanel is also crucial. This centre chanel is designed specifically to match the Monitor Audio Silver range. This way you'll have a seamless front sound stage. Learn More

    Regular Price: $899.00

    Special Price $629.00

  • Klipsch The Three with Google Assistant, Ebony

    A powerful, retro looking all-in-one system with wireless capabilities and BIG SOUND. Added bonus of being able to talk to it to switch it on or off, tell you the weather or turn the volume up!

    You can Bluetooth to the unit using a phone or any other device or use the built in Chrome Cast to get superior audio quality over your Wifi!

    Perfect for the bedroom or the kitchen where hands-free is best.

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    Regular Price: $895.00

    Special Price $690.00

  • Monitor Audio Stand

    The matching speaker stands to the Monitor Audio Studio and Gold series speakers. They are a good quality stands that can be used for a range of different speakers.

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    Regular Price: $799.00

    Special Price $719.00

  • Pro-Ject RecordMaster with Ortofon OM10

    A stylishly wood finished Turntable that sounds great and has some very handy features including Speed control at the touch of a button, ability to spin 78RPM records, inbuilt Phono Stage, USB output for recording Vinyl and an OM5e cartridge pre mounted. Learn More
  • Monitor Audio Silver C350 Centre Speaker, Festive Season SPECIAL, Walnut

    a very serious centre channel speaker ... The three-way, four-driver configuration utilises the same driver complement as the Silver 300 although, in this case, the bass drivers have been designed and tuned to work in a sealed box for easier placement in a cabinet or close to a boundary/wall. For the perfect A/V enjoyment, you can’t better the Silver C350 for crisp, articulate dialogue. Don’t miss a word. What makes the Silver C350 so special is the vertical orientation of the mid and tweeter axis which delivers the same directivity as the other speakers in the system. A high percentage of the total sound balance in a theatre system is delivered to the centre channel (typically 60%), so this crucial speaker should not to be overlooked when specifying a high-performance, no-compromise theatre system for the home. The Silver C350 makes an ideal partner for the Silver 100, Silver 200, Silver 300 and Silver 500 models, being carefully matched to their sonic characteristics. Learn More

    Regular Price: $1,299.00

    Special Price $899.00

  • Rega RP6 Union Jack with Exact cartridge, TRADE-IN

    We have for sale a used and loved RP6 turntable with the special edition Union Jack colouring. 

    This unit is in great condition and is ready to sit pride of place in someones living room.

    It comes with its separate power supply to exactly control the speed of rotation and thereby pitch and sound, heavy glass platter and RB303 tonearm.

    Box and accessories included.


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  • Denon Heos AVR, EX-DEMO

    The first 5.1-channel AV receiver to drive your favorite speakers and any HEOS wireless speaker as surround channels. Powerful class D amplification encased in cutting-edge design.

    The HEOS AVR is not only a top-notch home entertainment component, it is a design statement. Its aluminum chassis is unparalleled in the world of AV-receivers.

    No doubt, that the HEOS AVR is also completely future-proof with the latest HDMI standards. Four HDMI 2.0a/HDCP 2.2 inputs make sure that you can enjoy your movies in 4K Ultra HD. Regarding sound, you can count on Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio.

    This Ex-demo unit has had limited use and is in great condition. Comes with box all accessories and the full warranty. 

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    Regular Price: $1,299.00

    Special Price $910.00

  • Monitor Audio Silver FX

    The perfect speaker to create the real home theatre surround experience matching perfectly with the Silver range of Monitor Audio. These are the best choice if you're looking at a traditional 5.1 setup with two rear speakers as they will optimally disperse the rear effects in the room. Learn More

    Regular Price: $1,129.00

    Special Price $1,015.00

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  • Denon DRA-100, EX-DEMO

    Integrated amplifier with Streaming and digital inputs

    This unit is in perfect condition and has had minimal use in store. It comes with the box, all accessories and full warranty. 

    This is what happens when some European Denon designers try to get in on the act of brands like Cyrus and Rega ... and it's a fair effort. Fundamentally this is a number of different devices put into a single chassis so it's a jolly convenient amalgam of streaming and digital inputs with a solid smooth sounding amplifier. 

    Look it's not going to win a strict AB comparison with a Cyrus or Rega ... and it lacks a phono input. However the convenience of all those source options and the opportunity of combining this with a good pair of bookshelf speakers with an appropriate treble character make it a contender

    Official website for the Denon DRA100

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    Regular Price: $1,899.00

    Special Price $1,400.00

    Available in Store

  • Monitor Audio Silver 200, Festive Season SPECIAL, Satin White

    One pair of Silver 200s in Satin White left. New in box. This small, elegant floorstander is unobtrusive in physical form yet full of life and crispness in sound. The Silver range from Monitor Audio have been one of the most popular ranges of speakers we've ever sold in our thirty years of trading. They're everything that's good about HiFi without being pretentiously 'Audiophile'. Clear, responsive and a whole lotta fun. Learn More

    Regular Price: $2,199.00

    Special Price $1,539.00

  • Dynaudio Excite X14A, Active bookshelf speakers, EX-DEMO pair, Satin Black

    These are a true audio-phile speaker with active drivers, ie. built-in high quality digital amplifiers. 

    Dynaudio are a Danish speaker manufacturer producing magnificent speakers for over 40 years and loved by music professional and enthusiasts the world over. In recent times they've delved into active speaker manufacturing to much acclaim. Active speakers have appealed to their danish sense of paired back minimalism - no extra amplifier boxes, no cables between amp and speaker, just a pairing of components that are chosen specifically for eachother to create musical bliss.

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    Regular Price: $1,999.00

    Special Price $1,599.00

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  • Cyrus Stream Xa

    We have one of these units in a box, new, ready to go. These are run out models making way for the new Cyrus QXR range.

    Carlton Audio Visual is a store that has traditionally been the home of Turntable enthusiasts and people with large collections of CDs. Are clients were (relatively) slow in the uptake of streaming services. 

    Partly, that's because I think our clients have a very keen appreciation of good sound. And it's taken a while for products from real HiFi brands and not just Sonos, who is a software company, to bring out products. When we get to the point where we are today though with a range of different, well-respected, HiFi expertise making units, the tables change and crusty HiFI fanatics have found the joy of a real streamer.

    Cyrus is one of those units that is more than a streamer that will do the job, it has an effortless musical quality about it.

    This version is the one with the DAC on board, giving it a bit more versatility as well. 

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    Regular Price: $2,799.00

    Special Price $1,800.00

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  • IsoTek Sequel Bundle... 3X IsoTek EVO3 Sequel + any IsoTek Conditioner or Powerboard, 20% off

    We get asked a lot in the shop, how much of a difference do power cables actually make in a HiFi and it's definetely more than you'd think if you're asking that question yourself.

    Our environments are becoming noisier and noisier with 'invisible' frequencies. Things like our WiFi, bluetooth signals not to mention all the more traditional radio frequencies out there can be picked up by power cables that act as antennas in the right circumstances. Then these signals are transmitted into our HiFi. You'll hear it as background noise which will hide details in the music. Clean up your power will clean up your music!

    This is the perfect opportunity to get started in the world of clean power! 20% off a bundle of products that'll have your HiFi sounding the way it should minus the humdrum of our modern environments.

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    Regular Price: $2,296.00

    Special Price $1,836.00

    Call for stock

  • Cyrus 8.2 DAC Integrated amplifier, Black

    An exceptionally high quality, half sized HiFi amp with a multi purpose DAC built in? Doesn't that just sound amazingly attractive. Any one who's been into our store and had a chat with us about stereo will know that we love our Cyrus gear. Almost every one on staff has something from Cyrus at home.

    We have one unit left brand new in a box at this special price. This is a sale making way for the new model.

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    Regular Price: $3,399.00

    Special Price $1,990.00

    Available in Store

  • Bryston BDP-2, Trade-in, Black

    A really interesting Digital Music player and platform designed by celebrated Canadian manufacturer Bryston.

    They call the BDP-2 a Digital Music player but it should really be called a streamer with some added benefits. Stream music from Tidal, local NAS drive or Bryston's own Manic Moose firmware. Learn more about Manic Moose here.

    At the heart of this unit is a dedicated power supply that as any self respecting HiFi manufacturer knows, getting that right means clarity of tonal precision in the final product.

    Read more about the BDP-2 here in an article by The Absolute Sound


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    Regular Price: $3,999.00

    Special Price $1,999.00

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