If you want to play back your LP, a record player is what you need. A good turntable not only spins you right round, but it stops unwanted vibrations from getting to your wanted vibrations. Record players come in many varieties, from the simple to the complex. Luckily we stock something for all tastes.

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  • Denon DP-29F Turntable

    This humble little injection moulded moulded belt drive P Mount fully automatic turntable is a nostalgia trip back to my early retailing days in the seventies. Yet it still sells through several times a week. A very neat device with switcheable built in Phono stage that can be plonked into a modern system and reintroduce you to the joys of vinyl.

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    Regular Price: $299.00

    Special Price $199.00

  • Pro-ject Primary E Turntable, Black

    Selling for one third of one thousand dollars this is a cool belt drive record player that is at a price point where otherwise only the nastiest of plastic devices from brands like Crosley and Audio Technica are sold.

    Made in Europe and coming with an Ortofon cartridge this is one excellent bargain. Completely manual the straightforward belt drive design lowers the noise floor and emulates the basic principles of players worth thousands.

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    Regular Price: $399.00

    Special Price $359.00

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  • Marantz TT42 Turntable ... a small piece of Germany for your records

    This is actually made by the German company Dual for Marantz and has been an extant design since 1973 or thereabouts. There are always times in our lives when we may be a little bit impaired and aren't safe to play our precious LPs on. Save yourself from Vinyl Narcolepsy and alcohol induced scratches by this handy full automatic record player. If you are a Hi Fi afficianado with a high quality fully manual Rega or somesuch having a record player such as this can be a useful backup for times of impairment or social gatherings.

    We have a limited offer of the TT42 at a very special price.

    Specification of the Marantz TT42 

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    Regular Price: $649.00

    Special Price $490.00

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  • Pro-Ject T1 Phono SB Turntable

    This is Pro-Ject's new affordable Turntable and it's packed with features. No fussing around with a belt to change the speed from 33 1/3 to 45 RPM, it's done with a button on the Deck. It has a built-in switchable phono stage so it's ready to be plugged into any amplifier and a pre-fitted pre-weighted OM5e cartridge. Unlike others in the Pro-Ject range it has an exceptional, acoustically dampening Glass Platter. We can have this one shipped to your door and it's easy to set up yourself. A perfect one to sit out this COVID-19 lockdown. Learn More

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    Special Price $593.00

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  • Project Essential III Phono with Ortofon OM10 cartridge

    This is a Turntable without the frills and spills of higher end Turntables. It's a plinth, a platter, belt, motor, tonearm and cartridge plus the added bonus of a built in phono stage. No need for the special phono input on your amplifier and do away with that extra phono stage box that's needed to get your Turntable working - this has that built in on the turntable. And you can switch it off for added flexibility in your setup. This unit ticks boxes including the not too expensive box. Learn More

    Regular Price: $749.00

    Special Price $647.00

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  • Rega Planar 1 Turntable, bakelite meets 21st century

    When they build these record players in the factory in Southend in the U.K there is a man whose sole job is to assemble the tonearm bearing and he sets the tolerance on the tonearm to below one Micron. No other manufacturer engineers their budget record players so extremely by hand ... or comes even close to the Rega engineering tolerances at this price level.

    This is simply the best budget turntable ... ever ... and they have made it look and feel so good.

    The unique factory that builds these by hand in England has never advertised and never borrowed money. They are a law unto themselves and have only one aim which is simply to allow people to have the best music in their homes for the least money and the longest time.

    Constructionally this is a device of extreme simplicity but exacting tolerances and critical use of materials. Roy Gandy (the founder and where the company name comes from) is all about building sensitive vibration measurement machines.

    I used to play a game with millenials when I would show them the platter of the earlier model RP1 and say that if they could tell me what it was made of that I would give them the record player for free. I don't do it anymore ...

    The platter is actually made of bakealite and is all part of the Mr Gandy's principle of building the turntable as a vibration sensing instrument. Most people associate it with Radios and Telephones from the thirties and forties, it is uniquely appropriate in this engineering context and is a far better solution than the cheap alloy and MDF normally used as the platter material iin budget turntables.

    Now these classic Turntables come in a Matt White and Matt Black finish. 

     A visit to the Rega factory last year

    Official website for the Rega Planar 1

    "The Audiophile Man" reviews the Planar 1

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  • Project Essential III Turntable with Ortofon OM10 cartridge

    The new version of the Essential turntable is here. This is the unit in the Pro-Ject range designed to be devoid of frills. Just the Essentials here. Plinth, Platter, motor, belt, tonearm and cartridge. A ready-to-go Turntable with a good cartridge for people on a budget. Of course there are better decks out there. But when all you need is something to get you started and rolling the vinyl every now and then, this is the perfect unit.

    Walnut and White available. Please call to double check stock availability

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  • Pro-Ject RecordMaster with Ortofon OM10

    A stylishly wood finished Turntable that sounds great and has some very handy features including Speed control at the touch of a button, ability to spin 78RPM records, inbuilt Phono Stage, USB output for recording Vinyl and an OM5e cartridge pre mounted. Learn More
  • Rega Planar 1 Plus with built in Phono stage

    Rega asked themselves, how to make the most successful turntable that they have ever made sound better, be even easier to use and be more accessible to a wider audience? The answer was simple; the engineers added a custom designed, high quality, moving magnet phono stage based around the multi-award winning What Hi-Fi? 5 Star Fono Mini.

    Now this popular turntable comes in a Matt Black and Matt White finish.

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  • Project Debut Carbon Evo with Ortofon 2M Red

    The Pro-Ject Debut Carbon looms large in HiFi circles as a must hear Vinyl player in the $1K price bracket. It's an affordable deck with a good sound. A little less money than a Rega Planar 3 ($1449), it doesn't have the cleanliness in the sound of the Rega but it's a major step up from the Primary E or the Essential in the Pro-Ject range. All of a sudden you're getting a real Turntable, not something that feels like a toy designed only to sit on a dresser and be played only when friends are over.

    A solid Turntable for when you start to get serious about Vinyl.

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    Special Price $879.00

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  • Rega Planar 2 Turntable

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    This is the newest incarnation of this 40 year long running model. There are still Planar 2s out there in your grandfathers house that he blew his student grant on in 1976 (remember student grants? Baby boomers had it good didn't they ...) It has the glass platter and 24V motor of the Planar 3 with a simplified tonearm and chassis construction.

    It comes as standard with the Rega Carbon cartridge that is ... OK ... basically a relabelled Audio Technica AT95 ... but we believe this turntable is very worthy of an upgrade. 

    We started selling Rega Planar 2s thirty years ago and dealing with them again is like meeting an old friend from uni and playing music with them and feeling young and stoned again ....

    "What Hi Fi?"loves the Planar 2. 

    Official page from Rega

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  • Music Maker System ... Turntable Amplifier and Speakers

    Real Hi Fi shops should try and sell you something that brings you closer to the music and makes you want to keep it for years. If they tell you the cutely shaped active plastic wireless loudspeaker system is better they are being paid to do it and are fake news. This particular system is the product of Australia's oldest distributor of specialist audio declaring war on plastic disposable speaker rubbish and breaking down the millennial glass ceiling where instagram influencer marketing defeats engineering common sense.


    Please note: It doesn't include the stands, the rack or the dog pictured in some images...

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  • Pro-Ject X1, Walnut

    This is a well thought out turntable from well-respected Pro-Ject. They've used classic aspects of their design and bundled the best of them into a great, not-overly-priced, turntable.

    This Turntable comes with a light and super stiff Tonearm being made from a carbon fibre/aluminium sandwich, an acoustically dampening acrylic platter and the convenience of speed control at the end of your finger tips on the deck. Doing away with having to lift up the platter to change the speed for those 45rpm records.

    Finished off in a walnut veneer, this deck looks sleek and beautiful in any home.

    This Turntable doesn't come with a cartridge. Please give us a call to talk about cartridge options. We can mount and set up a cartridge in store and have it ready to collect or ship as if it came from the factory that way.

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    Regular Price: $1,299.00

    Special Price $1,170.00

  • Rega Planar 3 Turntable , a living classic

    While other brands of record player suffered mass extinction through the asteroidal impact of Compact Disc in the early eighties Rega sales never faltered. 

    During the long dark years of Compact Disc we always kept a Planar 3 on readiness in the store to play an old Pink Floyd record and show people how much better vinyl could sound.

    Like a crocodile hunkering down in the swamp the Planar 3 just kept on with the job of pleasing music lovers and occasionally consuming careless newly evolved Digital Mammals ...

    The Planar 3 has the option of coming factory fitted with an Elys 2 cartridge ($350).

    Alternatively a Sumiko Blue Point Special will bring out these crystal clear, bell-like highs with a soundstage that stretches up vertically remarkably high ($1099).

    The Soundsmith Moving Iron Otello is another popular choice. It hs a luscious smoothness and 3D depth that really draws in the listener ($890)

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  • Pro-Ject X2 Turntable

    The X2 is Pro-Ject's new Turntable and like others in the Pro-Ject range it boasts great quality sound and some handy features. A super Acoustically Dampening, High Mass Acryllic Platter, push button speed changes 33 1/3 to 45 to even 78 (with a belt and cartridge change) and Carbon/Aluminium Tonearm with adjustable VTE & Azimuth. Talk to us about what cartridge will be suit your needs and your system. We don't charge cartridge fitting costs and will happily set up the Turntable with your choice of cartridge. Learn More

    Regular Price: $1,999.00

    Special Price $1,799.00

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  • Roksan Attessa Turntable

    The new Turntable from Roksan is designed around minimalist ideals. Less is More!

    The Unipivot tonearm has a single point bearing instead of the multiple horizontal and vertical bearings of a gimbal design. This means there's a reduction in the coupling surface area. In short - less vibrational resonance.

    A high mass glass platter within an Aluminium shell providing extra dampening. All made to look sleek and sexy.

    Built in phono stage for a reduced clean look without the need for an external unit.

    Highly controlled microprocessor built in for exacting speed control.

    A gorgeous unit that'll make many customers happy. 

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  • Rega Planar 6 turntable ... rotational excellence

    The new Planar 6 takes Rega's detail retrieval to an unfounded level in the hotly contested sub $4000 category. Come and audition it today.

    I have taken one of these home for my Ambience loudspeakers with old Audiolab pre and power to upgrade from our old P3 and its ... fabulous.

    There such a definitive joy in rediscovering a familiar piece of vinyl born again on a new turntable and cartridge that ranks up there with the glass of irreplaceable wine and the spring morning motorcycle ride in Bavarian mountainsides ... unlike the latter two you can do it again and again without damaging health ...

    Best paired with a factory fitted Rega Exact MM cartridge ($400), an Ania MC cartridge ($900) or the new Ania Pro MC cartridge ($1400).

    Other great options are the Soundsmith Otello for a silky smooth, very 3D sound ($890) and a Sumiko Blue Point Special for some sparkling highs and gorgeous separation ($1099)

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  • Michell TecnoDec (No Tonearm)

    Michell's new entry-level turntable, taking the low-noise DC motor and the impedance-matched platter of the GyroDec, along with an advanced bearing on an elegant solid-plinth design with damped feet. The Michell TecnoDec requires no user-setup or maintenance. Rega RB220 Recommended $529 Learn More
  • Rega Planar 8 Turntable

    Elegant and skeletal like a ballerina in a skin suit this record player is we believe the best musical performer available for the money.

    Add a factory fitted Rega Ania MC cartridge ($900), Ania Pro MC ($1500) or Rega's new Apheta 3 MC cartridge ($2200).

    Another killer cartridge with the Planar 8 is the Sumiko Blackbird ($2299)


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  • Michell Gyrodec SE (No arm)

    Based entirely on the GyroDec, but without the costly acrylic plinth and dustcover, the Gyro SE brings the same qualities in a more affordable and compact package. A Michell Gyro SE can always be converted into a GyroDec by purchasing a plinth and dustcover. Learn More

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