If you want to play back your LP, a record player is what you need. A good turntable not only spins you right round, but it stops unwanted vibrations from getting to your wanted vibrations. Record players come in many varieties, from the simple to the complex. Luckily we stock something for all tastes.

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  • Rega Planar Performance Pack (For RP1 Planar 1 Or Planar 2

    According to Regas website this upgrade kit isnt suitable for Planar 1 or RP1 due to not having enough headshell weight. However we have tested this on ours and this is not the case. Works perfectly.


    Want to take the performance of your multi award winning Planar 2 turntable to the next level? The Performance Pack can be purchased as an aftermarket kit designed specifically for the Planar.

    Included in the pack:

    • Bias 2 moving magnet cartridge
    • Upgrade drive belt
    • 100% natural wool turntable mat
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    Regular Price: $199.00

    Special Price $179.00

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  • Denon DP29F Turntable

    This humble little injection moulded moulded belt drive P Mount fully automatic turntable is a nostalgia trip back to my early retailing days in the seventies. Yet it still sells through several times a week. A very neat device with switcheable built in Phono stage that can be plonked into a modern system and reintroduce you to the joys of vinyl.

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    Regular Price: $319.00

    Special Price $280.00

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  • Project Elemental Turntable

    Really keen to get into the realms of vinyl replay, but have a really tight budget? Fear not - Pro-ject is listening and have got a cracker for you in the shape of brand new Elemental turntable. Antoine de Saint-Exupery famously said:

    "A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."
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  • Project Essential II

    Want a proper record player... with a lid and everything?

    "What Hi-Fi?" love it ... http://www.whathifi.com/pro-ject/essential-ii/review

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  • Project Essential II Digital


    Regular Price: $599.00

    Special Price $449.00

  • Denon DP200 USB Turntable

    Does it seem unlikely that a Japanese Audio company would be releasing a new turntable into this digitally driven environment? Well Denon still acknowledge the strong presence of Vinyl in the audio enthusiast marketplace and have tied that and the need for digitisation together with this neat little offering.

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    Regular Price: $549.00

    Special Price $478.00

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  • Project Debut Carbon (DC) Record Player

    For a turntable that looks like it should be $1000 but only costs $549 go no further than this, available in a fabulous range of gloss finishes with a unique carbon fibre tonearm and also an acclaimed Ortofon OM Cartridge. This latest iteration, the 'DC', has a new power supply design and improved motor suspension for better speed stability and lower motor noise.

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  • Rega Planar 1 ... how to make the best budget turntable ...

    When they build these record players in the factory in Southend in the U.K there is a man whose sole job is to assemble the tonearm bearing and he sets the tolerance on the tonearm to below one Micron. No other manufacturer engineers their budget record players so extremely by hand ... or comes even close to the Rega engineering tolerances at this price level.

    This is simply the best budget turntable ... ever ... and they have made it look and feel so good.

    The unique factory that builds these by hand in England has never advertised and never borrowed money. They are a law unto themselves and have only one aim which is simply to allow people to have the best music in their homes for the least money and the longest time.

    Constructionally this is a device of extreme simplicity but exacting tolerances and critical use of materials. Roy Gandy (the founder and where the company name comes from) is all about building sensitive vibration measurement machines.

    I used to play a game with millenials when I would show them the platter of the earlier model RP1 and say that if they could tell me what it was made of that I would give them the record player for free. I don't do it anymore ...

    The platter is actually made of bakealite and is all part of the Mr Gandy's principle of building the turntable as a vibration sensing instrument. Most people associate it with Radios and Telephones from the thirties and forties, it is uniquely appropriate in this engineering context and is a far better solution than the cheap alloy and MDF normally used as the platter material iin budget turntables.


     A visit to the Rega factory last year

    Official website for the Rega Planar 1

    "The Audiophile Man" reviews the Planar 1

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  • Project RPM 1 Turntable with ortofon 2m Red Cartridge

    ngenious entry to the world of luxurious styling for audiophiles  


    Our newest "BEST BUY" star implements a radical concept that does not compromise sound quality at an entry-level price.  

    RPM-1 Carbon utilises a lot of innovations and enhancements: A low resonance chassis holds a newly designed inverted platter bearingwith ceramic ball for further reduced rumble. An outboard 15V AC motor is smoothly driven using an ultra-precision AC generator with DC power supply for further enhanced speed stability. A completely new designed S-shaped tonearm tube is made from carbon fibre, aluminium and resin. Using a complex 3-step process with heat treatment and 100bar pressure, arm tube rigidity is strenghtened, internal damping is maximized and resonances are reduced to a minimum.This makes the tonearm also suitable for MC cartridges. Additional features are a new magnetic antiskating mechanism and a TPE-damped counterweight. All ingredients add up to a miracle in sound for the price and ultra-stylish look!  

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    Regular Price: $699.00

    Special Price $620.00

  • Rega Planar 1 Plus ... includes built in Phono stage

    Introducing the brand new Planar 1 Plus turntable ...

    Rega asked themselves, how to make the most successful turntable that they have ever made sound better, be even easier to use and be more accessible to a wider audience? The answer was simple; the engineers added a custom designed, high quality, moving magnet phono stage based around the multi-award winning What Hi-Fi? 5 Star Fono Mini.

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  • Rega RP1 Queen Limited Edition

    Turntable features:  

    The Queen turntable is a brand new product designed specifically for ‘Queen’.

    A custom designed high gloss acrylic laminated plinth silk screened with ‘Queen by Rega’ logo.

    Silk screened ‘Queen crest’ platter from artwork created by Freddie Mercury.

    Hand built RB101 tonearm.

    Factory fitted Rega Carbon moving magnet cartridge.

    Low noise low vibration 24v synchronous high performance motor.

    Queen dustcover lid badge.

    Optional upgrade (sold separately) is available to the handmade high performance moving magnet Rega Bias 2 cartridge.

    This cartridge is designed specifically for the ‘plug and play’ RB101 tonearm mounted on the ‘Queen by Rega’ turntable.

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    Regular Price: $799.00

    Special Price $699.00

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  • Project Debut Carbon with Ortofon 2M Red and Acrylic Platter

    To make this totally cool we are adding an Ortofon 2M Red Cartridge and an Acrylic Platter ...

    This fixes the potential weak points of the design being the standard OM series cartridge and resonant alloy platter and then offers it at an unrepeatable deal for the Vinyl conessieur. 

     Lifestyle for vinyl fans  

    • 8,6” carbon tonearm  

    • Heavy non resonant acrylic platter  

    • New DC power supply with ultra precision frequency DCdriven AC generator (like Speed Box) for ultimate speed stability  

    • Precision belt drive with synchronous motor  

    • New TPE motor suspension  

    • magnetic cartridge 2M red from Ortofon  

    • 7 high-gloss colours  

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  • Rega Planar 2 Turntable ... an old friend born anew ...

    1 Review(s)

    This is the newest incarnation of this 40 year long running model. There are still Planar 2s out there in your grandfathers house that he blew his student grant on in 1976 (remember student grants? Baby boomers had it good didn't they ...) It has the glass platter and 24V motor of the Planar 3 with a simplified tonearm and chassis construction.

    It comes as standard with the Rega Carbon cartridge that is ... OK ... basically a relabelled Audio Technica AT95 ... but we believe this turntable is very worthy of an upgrade. 

    We started selling Rega Planar 2s thirty years ago and dealing with them again is like meeting an old friend from uni and playing music with them and feeling young and stoned again ....

    "What Hi Fi?"loves the Planar 2. 

    Official page from Rega

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  • Project RPM 3 Carbon Turntable With Ortofon 2m Silver Cartridge

    Ingenious entry to the world of audiophile luxury  

    The RPM 3 Carbon utilises evolutionary enhancements to improve the performance of RPM series. A low resonance chassis holds an inverted platter bearing with ceramic ball for further reduced rumble. An outboard 15V AC motor is smoothly driven using an ultra precision AC generator with DC power supply for further enhanced speed stability.  

    A 10“ S-shaped tonearm tube is made from carbon fibre, aluminium and resin. Using a complex 3-step process with heat treatment and 100bar pressure, arm tube rigidity is strengthened, internal damping is maximised and resonances are reduced to a minimum. This makes the tonearm also suitable for MC cartridges. Additional features are a magnetic antiskating mechanism and a TPE-damped counterweight. All ingredients add up to a miracle in sound for the price and ultra-stylish look!  

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    Regular Price: $1,099.00

    Special Price $975.00

  • Project Audio The Classic

    The Classic offers classic look and innovative high-end technology  


    This turntable makes use of traditional frame design which was established by the famous turntable manufacturers of the 50's and 60's. It uses a compact simple and elegant form factor. The Classic incorporates a combination of approved belt drive design using a low noise AC motor with an ultra precision frequency DC-driven AC generator (like Speed Box) for ultimate speed stability. Advanced technology is used for decoupling and the completely new designed tonearm.  

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    Regular Price: $1,599.00

    Special Price $995.00

  • Project 1Xpression Carbon Classic Turntable

    Classic turntable with superior tone-arm reaches magical performance levels!  


    1Xpression Carbon is the 6th generation of the hi-fi classic Pro-Ject 1, which was presented for the first time in 1991. No other entry-level turntable concept is more audiophile and the current version includes a totally new carbon tone-arm with spin-off „EVO“-technology. It has new innovative gimbal design features a resonance damping counterweight, that allows best performance for any cartridge. The approved belt drive design offers low noise AC motor with effective motor decoupling, ultra precision frequency DC-driven AC generator (like Speed Box) for ultimate speed stability. The complex main platter construction cannot be found elsewhere in this price range and is similar to the Xtension models. Advanced thermo plastic elastomers (TPE) are used in a sandwich construction with steel alloy for optimised resonance behaviour. Platter bearing axle is made from low tolerance chrome plated stainless steel running on a Teflon bottom in bronze bearing housing. Turntable main plinth is made from low resonance MDF, which effectivly is decoupled from structure-born noise by special absorber feet, that use TPE technology. Beside it`s class-leading sound quality, this turntable convinces with classic elegance and high-class black piano finish.  

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    Regular Price: $1,350.00

    Special Price $1,190.00

  • Rega Planar 3 Turntable ... the crocodile of record players ... it never left us

    While other brands of record player suffered mass extinction through the asteroidal impact of Compact Disc in the early eighties Rega sales never faltered. 

    During the long dark years of Compact Disc we always kept a Planar 3 on readiness in the store to play an old Pink Floyd record and show people how much better vinyl could sound.

    Like a crocodile hunkering down in the swamp the Planar 3 just kept on with the job of pleasing music lovers and occasionally consuming careless newly evolved Digital Mammals ...

    "Hi Fi Choice" have some wonderful things to say about the Planar 3:

    "It has a powerful and impressively deep bass that never loses texture and detail"

    "Where the differences start to show is in the way that the Planar 3 presents the complex and highly congested material of the track. It opens up the material, never making it sound disjointed or confused, but instead manageing to create a sense of space and soundstage where many similiarly priced rivals may struggle"

    "It is completely unfazed by any genre of music that is thrown at it"

    "represents the driving force for affordable vinyl playback"

    "more than any other affordable turntable I have listened to in recent times , it dosn't require the caveat that it is good at the price"

    "Trusted Reviews" on the Planar 3. 

    "What Hi Fi?"loves the Planar 3. 

    Official page from Rega

    We really like it too ...

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  • Project 2Xperience SB Turntable

    Outstanding performance from a compact and luxurious turntable configuration  


    2Xperience SB is based on the 2Xperience belt-drive concept which incorporates over 20 years of turntable design experience. The addition of precision motor control with electronic speed changing and a highend 9cc Evolution carbon fiber tonearm means playback quality is vastly improved. The heavy chassis is made from MDF using a non-resonant construction technique. The turntable platter is built with heavy, non-resonant materials in a precisely balanced sandwich configuration. A vinyl layer acts as the perfect turntable mat. A screwable and light-weight record clamp eliminates unwanted record vibration and rumbling of the main platter bearing. The audio performance of the final product benefits from the resonance-free platter, avoiding the ringing effect of common metal and glass platters. The 2Xperience SB is not only equipped with a highend tonearm, but comes with a pre-fitted Ortofon 2M Silver magnetic cartridge that makes use of silver voice coils. An acrylic dust cover is also included. Finishes are available in three real wood veneer options (eucalyptus, walnut, palisander) as well as three high-gloss finishes (olive, mahogany, black).  

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    Regular Price: $1,799.00

    Special Price $1,599.00

  • Project RPM 5 Carbon Turntable



    • Supplied with Ortofon 2M Red cartridge fitted  

    • Pro-Ject 9c tonearm  

    • Nominal speeds 33 / 45 / 78 r.p.m. (78 optional)  

    • Record clamp  

    • Gold-plated RCA phono sockets  

    • Plinth in dark grey piano-lacquer finish  


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    Regular Price: $1,899.00

    Special Price $1,715.00

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  • Design Build & Listen "The Wand" Plus Tonearm

    The Wand is a delightfully simple design well executed with quality materials that should give a long service life. The Wand gives a wonderful musical experience from top to bottom and a sound stage that is so real and believable. Learn More

    Available to Special Order

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