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  • Loewe Radio, DAB+ portable radio

    This is a little unit from high-end German manufacturer, Loewe. They are famous for TVs but also make some neat pieces of audio. 

    This is a modern clock radio with DAB+ as well as Bluetooth. It is portable and chargeable with a USB C cable with 14 hour battery life.

    The lovely oak top and grey fabric finish make it equally at home on a bedside table and a picnic rug.


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  • Rotel T11 Dab+ FM Tuner

    Rotel has been producing quality tuners since the 1960s. One of the latest additions to this long-established line-up is the T11 FM/DAB+ tuner. It provides a wealth of listening options with easy access to classic analogue FM stations as well as newer DAB+ (Digital Audio Broadcasting) services. Like the T14, T11 features the ability to easily store and recall up to 30 presets each for FM or DAB+ stations. A further useful feature common to all 14 Series products is the ability to dim the display panel and power LED to provide a comfortable visual reference in all lighting environments. With exemplary sound quality and easy to operate controls, this tuner continues in the longstanding tradition of its predecessors.

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  • Ruark R1S, Tabletop Radio with Smarts

    Ruark R1S builds on the ever popular Ruark R1 adding WiFi audio streaming and Bluetooth. Giving you a traditional, quality small footprint radio with the mod cons as well.

    Many people still listen to radio as their main source of entertainment during the day! The radio is not dead as many may believe. Ruark has recognised this and continues to manufacture radio for the market.

    The R1S has an optional remote for $35.

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  • Ruark MRx, wireless speaker

    This little speaker not only looks smart and elegant it's a rich full sound. A perfect pairing for another Ruark speaker to easily multi-room using Wifi but also a great stand alone option.

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  • Loewe Klang S1 Radio

    Loewe Klang S1 Smart radio is an easy-to-use classy tabletop radio. Sleek and modern in its aesthetic it is made in Germany by Loewe, the maker of the first commercial Televisions. Loewe has a long and continued history of making not only premium quality Televisions but also sleek lifestyle pieces for everyday use.

    If you'd like a little music or talk back radio to fill your kitchen or Living space that is quality but not as space consuming as a full HiFi system, this is for you.

    Upgrade to the slightly bigger Klang S3 for a deeper, bigger sound.

    We do not carry stock of all of the colours all of the time. Please contact us to check availability on stock.

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  • Ruark R2 Mk4, The Smart Radio, Radio - an Evolution

    The Evolution of the desktop Radio is here! 

    While this looks like a good-ol'-fashioned tabletop radio, the R2 Mk4 hides some modern conveniences. Including Bluetooth connectivity, WiFi streaming, Spotify Connect as well as class leading audio quality.

    This British made unit has the warmth and styling of Burberry.

    The R2 gives more sound and bass than the petite R1 and is perfect for where you'd like a stylish addition to a room that will start a party as well.

    The R2 Mk4 has a optional extra remote for $35.

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  • Loewe Klang S3 Radio

    Loewe Radio Klang S3 is an all-in-one radio with a cd player as well. A sleek modern design perfect for sitting on the kitchen bench or in the Living Room.

    On display now.

    Please call us to check availability on colours.

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  • Ruark R3 all-in-one radio, cd, wifi & bluetooth

    A high quality, hifi standard unit with fantastic sound and a clean yet retro aesthetic. Their versatility and styling means they're very popular for loungerooms, bedrooms and kitchens.

    A big, full sound for a unit like this.


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  • Naim Mu-so 2 All in One Wireless Music Player / Soundbar

    This is a critics choice for a powerful stand alone streaming system with good fidelity that is delightful to use. Now back in inventory

    "What Hi Fi?" loves it ....

    What Hi-Fi? on the Muso 2.

    Mu-so® is the latest version of this Naim wireless music system. Finely tuned by specialist engineers in England, its powerful audio brain delivers the most exceptional quality in sound, commanding 450 watts of power through six custom-designed speakers to create an experience of music that has to be heard to be believed

    Naim products bought from us, a genuine approved Naim dealer, include the full 2 year warranty.

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  • Ruark R410 Radiogram with the lot

    The "Aston martin table top radio" has all grown up now that the Ruark R410 is here. This is a lovely piece of kit that smoothly plays all the needed music formats in broadcast and streaming in delightful retro-is-modern form.

    Seriously it is surprising how lustrous the finish on this .... radiogram ... is. The real wood veneer feels like expensive designer furniture rather than a mere piece of consumer electronics. And the sound performance makes it a real contender in the market that has hitherto been ruled by the Devialet Phantom and the Naim Muso, you can turn this device up all the way on its tactile knurled metal volume control and it just rocks on.

    The streaming reception and connectivity options are exceptional ... the damn thing has optical and HDMI inputs as well as a phono stage ... it seems to be able to play just about everything the old world of analogue and the new world of digital require.

     Ruark R410 official website 

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  • Sonus faber Omnia ... Italian wireless speaker streamer

    This is so pretty, a lustrous combination of wood with LED inlay and is a very sweet sound. It has already received a number of awards for its grace of design.

    Unkindly described as a very elegant chopping board by one of my colleagues, the Omnia is actually a very clever piece of audio design that is to compete with the Devialet Phantom/Naim Muso type product. The Devialet and the Naim are actually really tough competition but on looks alone this one is a winner.

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  • Ruark R7 MkIII ...The Radiogram redesigned ...

    So this is the modern iteration of the Gramaphone, and to make it the real thing we are including a matching Project Record Player that completes its destiny.

    Sometimes when people come into the store and ask for a stereo I want to go full Rowan Atkinson on them as in the eighties "Not the 9 o' clock News" ...

    Now I can simply demonstrate them a genuine 21st Century Gramaphone that also has digital every thing.

    The R7 MkIII is fun. 

    Featuring a multi-format CD player, high-resolution aptX HD Bluetooth receiver, DAB, DAB+, FM and Internet tuners, Spotify Connect, switchable analogue and digital inputs and the option to wirelessly sync with our R2 model in multi-room mode, R7 is a system which we guarantee will enhance your life and home. Also with the addition of the optional TV mount, R7 can be transformed into a complete audio/visual system and become the focal point for all your home entertainment needs.

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