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  • Loewe Klang S1 Radio

    Loewe Klang S1 Smart radio is an easy-to-use classy tabletop radio. Sleek and modern in its aesthetic it is made in Germany by Loewe, the maker of the first commercial Televisions. Loewe has a long and continued history of making not only premium quality Televisions but also sleek lifestyle pieces for everyday use.

    If you'd like a little music or talk back radio to fill your kitchen or Living space that is quality but not as space consuming as a full HiFi system, this is for you.

    Upgrade to the slightly bigger Klang S3 for a deeper, bigger sound.

    We do not carry stock of all of the colours all of the time. Please contact us to check availability on stock.

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  • Ruark MR1 Mk 2 Bluetooth active speakers

    • Class leading sound quality
    • Hand crafted bass reflex tuned and damped enclosures
    • Ruark Audio long throw 75mm woofer with powerful neodymium magnet system
    • Ruark Audio 20mm treated textile dome tweeter with neodymium magnet system
    • Linear Class A-B Amplifier, 20 watts nominal output
    • 2m quality braided speaker interconnect
    • Auto mono operation (can also be used as a single unit)
    • Built in high quality Bluetooth Audio receiver with aptX provides CD quality sound with compatible devices
    • Intuitive control system
    • Pin-point LEDs show system status and source
    • Compact infrared remote control included
    • Digital optical TOSLINK input with adjustable attenuation
    • Output for active subwoofer
    • Line-in audio input with switchable attenuation
    • Finishes: Rich Walnut veneer or Soft Grey lacquer; lead grey fabric grille
    • Dimensions: H170 × W130 × D135mm each
    • Weight: 3.5 Kg per pair
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  • Bluesound Pulse M, Streaming Speaker

    A small streaming speaker perfect for a range of applications. In the kitchen, in the bedroom or as surround speakers paired with a Bluesound Soundbar or Powernode.

    The sound is clean and involving.


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  • Loewe Klang S3 Radio

    Loewe Radio Klang S3 is an all-in-one radio with a cd player as well. A sleek modern design perfect for sitting on the kitchen bench or in the Living Room.

    On display now.

    Please call us to check availability on colours.

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  • Ruark R3 all-in-one radio, cd, wifi & bluetooth

    A high quality, hifi standard unit with fantastic sound and a clean yet retro aesthetic. Their versatility and styling means they're very popular for loungerooms, bedrooms and kitchens.

    A big, full sound for a unit like this.


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  • Ruark R3S Compact Music System

    The Jaguar of a compact music system, this Ruark R3S is stylish, packed full of functions and sounds really good!

    With Wi-Fi streaming, Bluetooth, a CD slot as well as radio, this is the perfect multi -use unit for relaxing sounds or upbeat parties in your home.

    It's also beautifully finished with an eye to aesthetic detail and class.

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  • Advance Paris MyConnect 60, All-in-one System

    Fully equipped, this unit is a HiFi grade mini system with all the trimmings.

    A compact half-size model, with cd player, Radio (FM?DAB), WiFi/ehthernet network player, phono in as well as 2 optical inputs and a coax input.

    A beefy Class AB amplifier sets this unit apart from its competitors. This is a serious amp packed with features.

    Try pairing it it with a set of AE300 or Monitor Audio silver 50s and have yourself a truly entertaining system!

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  • Marantz CR612 All-in-one Amp, CD, Heos, Radio, Bluetooth

    A fantastic compact unit with everything all in the one box and great sound quality to boot. 60W per channel is nothing to sneeze at. It does particularly well paired with some Acoustic Energy AE100 bookshelf speakers.

    Call us for colours and availabilities 

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    This is Phantom II, a new breed of wireless speaker. By stretching size and performance beyond reasonable limits, Devialet engineers have brought to life the only ultra-compact home sound system capable of delivering high fidelity and physical impact, whatever volume you listen at. Insanely powerful. Defiantly small. You won’t know what hit you.

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    Regular Price: $1,899.00

    Special Price $1,749.00

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  • Naim Mu-so QB2 All in One Music System

    The Mu-so Qb features Naim’s unique music-streaming platform, developed by 25 engineers over 3 years to offer the very best performance whether playing your own digital music collection, a world of Internet radio, or music streaming services such as TIDAL and Spotify. This acclaimed innovation is only found in Naim music-streaming products, including its Uniti range and dedicated network players, all the way up to the £20,000 flagship ND 555.

    Mu-so Qb gains the new 2nd Generation illuminated volume dial, complete with a full control array and a proximity sensor: it lights up in welcome as your hand approaches it. Easily access key playback controls your favourite playlists and radio stations, Spotify resume, multiroom functionality and more from this tactile new interface. Mu-so Qb 2nd Generation can also be controlled via the updated Naim app and – by popular customer demand – a new remote control handset.

    Naim products bought from us, a genuine approved Naim dealer, include the full 2 year warranty.

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  • Naim Mu-so 2 All in One Wireless Music Player / Soundbar

    This is a critics choice for a powerful stand alone streaming system with good fidelity that is delightful to use. Now back in inventory

    "What Hi Fi?" loves it ....

    What Hi-Fi? on the Muso 2.

    Mu-so® is the latest version of this Naim wireless music system. Finely tuned by specialist engineers in England, its powerful audio brain delivers the most exceptional quality in sound, commanding 450 watts of power through six custom-designed speakers to create an experience of music that has to be heard to be believed

    Naim products bought from us, a genuine approved Naim dealer, include the full 2 year warranty.

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  • Rega System One with Io Amp, Kyte Speakers & Planar 1 Turntable

    Black Friday Special available until stock runs out.

    Exceptional quality for a 'starter' system. Your Turntable needs met with fantastic sound quality.

    Rega is British owned and manufactured and have been a much loved staple of Carlton Audio Visual for decades. Rega started life making turntables and it shows in everything else they make. They build beautiful gear without compromise keeping it simple to keep the music pure.

    Their turntables are consistently class leading and best performing for their price, their amps are rich and warm and a favourite with our customers and staff and their speakers are beautifully built and sound effortless.

    All-in-all a great option as a pack to hit the ground running.

    Rega System One Official site

    What Hi-Fi? on the Rega System One

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  • Ruark R5 High Fidelity Music System

    Embodying our knowledge of the past with our vision of the future, R5 is the perfect ‘all-in-one’ system for music and design enthusiasts alike.

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  • Ruark R410 Radiogram with the lot

    The "Aston martin table top radio" has all grown up now that the Ruark R410 is here. This is a lovely piece of kit that smoothly plays all the needed music formats in broadcast and streaming in delightful retro-is-modern form.

    Seriously it is surprising how lustrous the finish on this .... radiogram ... is. The real wood veneer feels like expensive designer furniture rather than a mere piece of consumer electronics. And the sound performance makes it a real contender in the market that has hitherto been ruled by the Devialet Phantom and the Naim Muso, you can turn this device up all the way on its tactile knurled metal volume control and it just rocks on.

    The streaming reception and connectivity options are exceptional ... the damn thing has optical and HDMI inputs as well as a phono stage ... it seems to be able to play just about everything the old world of analogue and the new world of digital require.

     Ruark R410 official website 

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  • Pro-Ject Colourful Audio System

    Debut Carbon Evo Turntable, MaiA S3 Amplifier and Speaker Box 5 S2 Speakers.

    This is a fabulous little system embracing all the good things of vinyl and 2 chanel stereo system - Depth and breadth of sound and analogue from start to finish.

    Pro-Ject are the biggest Turntable manufacturers in the world and if you ask them why Turntables are so popular these days they have some surprising answers. Heinz, head of Pro-Ject, told me that he sees a lot of similarities between the watch industry and turntables. He likens the continuing obsession with mechanical movements to peoples intrigue of turntables and vinyl. In both of these the information is never turned into a digital signal. The beauty lies in the craft and artisanship of the mechanical instruments. 

    For turntables this means, the diamond that sits in the groove of the Vinyl, the bearings for smooth operation and materials of the speakers and turntable tonearms which impart their own resonant frequencies.

    This is the perfect way to put a bit of the magic and beauty of vinyl into your home. It's suitable for small and large spaces and has a surprisingly big sound for relatively small components.

    Available at the moment for this special price with a Walnut and Satin Blue turntable.

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    Regular Price: $3,209.00

    Special Price $2,749.00

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  • Advance Paris MyConnect 150, Superior All-in-one

    The MyConnect 150 from Advance Paris is a true HiFi stereo unit with an incredible list of features.

    • Cd Player
    • Streaming
    • Phono stage (MM & MC)
    • Fm/DAB+ tuner
    • 3 optical, 2 Coax and USB inputs
    • 2 Subwoofer outs

    All of this with a very serious Class AB amplifier that is special in its own right. The amp has a tube pre-amp in it and switching the unit on to High Bias mode will completely engage this pre-amp to its fullest extent. This give the unit a rich, musical sound.

    Come and have a play with the MyConnect 150, on display now at Carlton Audio Visual.

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  • Denon Heos Drive

    Quite easily the best 4 zone 8 channel package one can purchase. Perfect for implementation where existing speakers are wired back a central point. Did we mention the app control is the simplest to use. Learn More
  • Graham Audio / Chartwell LS3/5a BBC Monitors

    A stablemate of the industry for over 70 years. Few products hold this legendary status, such as the Quad Esl-57's and Linn LP12

    Graham Audio are proud to present the BBC-licensed Chartwell LS3/5A.

    The LS3/5A was produced by BBC Designs Department in response to detail changes in the performance of the drive units that were originally chosen for the LS3/5 as designed by BBC Research and Development. It is the most well-known of all the BBC loudspeakers, and remains the compact loudspeaker of choice for many today.

    As you would expect, our version - engineered by Derek Hughes - includes authentic details such as the perforated metal tweeter grille, thick felt pads surrounding the tweeter, and Velcro rather than our usual hidden magnets to secure the grille frame. The cabinet uses 12mm panels and a fixed rear panel, according to BBC Designs Department's specification.

    As the only company to have ever manufactured the LS3/5, and now also the LS3/5A, audiophiles are now in the unique position of being able to hear for themselves the differences that these changes made to the design originally intended by BBC R&D.


    Cherry or Oak Standard RRP

    Walnut and Rosewood add $249 to RRP

    Ebony Add $749 to RRP

    Custom Finish $POA

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    Regular Price: $4,749.00

    Special Price $4,499.00

    Available in Store

  • Ruark R7 MkIII ...The Radiogram redesigned ...

    So this is the modern iteration of the Gramaphone, and to make it the real thing we are including a matching Project Record Player that completes its destiny.

    Sometimes when people come into the store and ask for a stereo I want to go full Rowan Atkinson on them as in the eighties "Not the 9 o' clock News" ...

    Now I can simply demonstrate them a genuine 21st Century Gramaphone that also has digital every thing.

    The R7 MkIII is fun. 

    Featuring a multi-format CD player, high-resolution aptX HD Bluetooth receiver, DAB, DAB+, FM and Internet tuners, Spotify Connect, switchable analogue and digital inputs and the option to wirelessly sync with our R2 model in multi-room mode, R7 is a system which we guarantee will enhance your life and home. Also with the addition of the optional TV mount, R7 can be transformed into a complete audio/visual system and become the focal point for all your home entertainment needs.

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  • Ruark R810 ... a Radiogram for all seasons

    Welcome back from the 1970s ... The Ruark R810 a high end music centre that has been sent forward in time but stealthily upgraded with all the contemporary digital music replay formats and a gorgeous compact 4 inch OLED colour display hidden in the retro wooden venting that has become the design hallmark of this new Ruark series.

    Ruark R810 official site. 

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