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  • Marantz VS3003 3 port HDMI 8K switcher

    A little box to mightily increase the functionality of your existing, compatible AVR. Especially for those who love their gaming and need multiple 8K or 4K/120Hz sources.

    Compatible with SR5015, SR6015, SR7015, SR8015, AV7706, AV8805A, NR1711.

    See the Official Marantz UK site for more information here

    Available late November 2021

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  • Marantz NR1510

    A favourite in the Marantz range is the NR series because of its slim line profile without compromising the features and connectivity of the larger amps. They're a perfect option for squeezing into a tight space.

    The 1510 is packed with 50W per channel and has Heos and Bluetooth on board for your streaming needs. It also has Bluetooth transmission to bluetooth Headphones, a very handy feature with the new version.

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  • Marantz Model 40N, Premium Integrated Amplifier with Streaming built-in

    Marantz has been a stalwart of Carlton Audio Visual since we opened. Consistently rich and warm in sound and very adaptable. Marantz is a big enough company to change their designs quickly to give consumers what they're after. Integrating HiFi quality streaming into HiFi quality amplifiers is one of those adaptions.

    The streaming amplifiers have been hugely sucessful in the lower ranges and we expect this to be no exception.

    Available May 2022


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  • Marantz CR612 All-in-one Amp, CD, Heos, Radio, Bluetooth

    A fantastic compact unit with everything all in the one box and great sound quality to boot. 60W per channel is nothing to sneeze at. It does particularly well paired with some Acoustic Energy AE100 bookshelf speakers. Learn More

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  • Marantz CD6007

    A beautiful CD player with serious resolution for the sub $1500. Musically alive and even at this price point, you can discern it's Marantz heritage. Marantz have been makingCD players for decades now and their expertise really shines through.

    This is also a very versatile unit able to play all of your favourite formats off a USB on the front panel. Additionally, it has a killer Headphone amplifier built in! 

    On display now in store and ready to have a listen to.

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  • Marantz MM8077...7 Channel Power Amplifier

    A more powerful big brother to the MM7055/MM7025 (150W RMS) and also runs more channels of amplification. This is the unit that regularly forms the basis of the most kick-ass systems. This will deliver a true cinema audio experience in your home but it'll also deliver exceptional music with a warmth and depth of tone. Learn More
  • Marantz MM7055 5 Channel Power Amplifier

    The MM7055 is a versatile 5 channel power amplifier that deliver 140W RMS to your speakers. Like all Marantz gear it has a rich tonality meaning music and movies are enjoyable to listen to. With the added advantage of going to separates with your AV electronics (better sound reducing built-in obsolescence), this is a popular unit for people who want the next step in home audio. Learn More
  • Marantz MM7025 2-Channel Power Amplifier

    The smallest of Marantz's Power Amplifier range. It's adaptable and can integrate into larger systems. Importantly it has a sonic warmth and the grit (140W RMS) to deliver control to your speakers. Learn More
  • Marantz AV8805a 13.2 Channel Processing AV Pre-amplifier

    This is the mother of all Surround Sound Pre-amps. It has an unprecedented 13.2 Channel Processing capability, of course all of the latest immersive audio formats like DTS:X, Dolby Atmos and Auro-3D, enough EQing and room adjustments to make your system sound perfect in ANY situation and soooo many other goodies it's hard to list them all. BUT above all it sounds BRILLIANT. And that's to do with the impeccable internal fitout. This whole unit is powered by its own Toroidal transformer. It's made in Marantz's premium Japan factory (the only other Marantz AV unit made there is the SR8012) and you can tell by the finished quality of the build. This is our go-to unit for High-End Home Cinema installations and we find they do particularly well with Krix MX series speakers! Learn More
  • Marantz SA-10S1, Flagship Super Audio CD player

    CD is not dead ... it's merely resting a little. In my humble opinion you haven't heard how good digital music can be unless you have heard a Cd or SACD through a really good player like this ...

    Considered by many long term reviewers as the standard in SA CD and CD reproduction. The depth of musicality, extraordinary; The imaging, second to none.

    The amount of times hardened audiophiles have said to me with this CD player, 'I haven't heard that in that track before', countless. We've put this CD player into a whole range of different types of systems. We find it very versatile as to what it can be 'matched' with and that's also a testament to it simply being a REALLY good CD player.

     "Hi Fi News" on the SA10S1 

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  • Marantz NR1711 8K 7.2 Channel Slimline Surround Sound Amplifier

    The Marantz NR1711 7.2ch 8K AV receiver drives immersive, high-fidelity audio from a compact chassis. At half the height of a traditional AV receiver, the NR1711 supports multi-dimensional audio formats Dolby Atmos, Dolby Atmos Height Virtualization Technology, DTS:X, and DTS Virtual:X.

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  • Marantz SR8015 Flagship Japanese built 11.2 Channel 8K Amplifier

    Alot of us who work at Carlton Audio Visual are musicians of various kinds. Paul has played guitar and bass for decades, gigging around Melbourne in his youth. Martin has played various instruments in a couple of bands and then there's Magnus and myself who were classically trained and did our time at different Conservatoriums around the world.

    I mention this because it provides some background as to why we keep choosing Marantz amplifiers over the plethora of other units available. When you've spent decades perfecting your own bow control so you can play a certain passage with just that perfect articulation, you NEED a system where you can hear other artists doing the same. When an amp washes over that kind of detail, you loose all those bits of musical communication that makes the music come alive. When it's right, it grabs you. Even if you're not musically inclined it's these details that will have you sitting up and paying attention.

    Marantz does the details soooo well. They put the effort into making sure each little capacitor and the smallest of smallest parts is chosen so that the whole unit doesn't over emphasise one frequency band over another. The Toroidal transformer is solid and provides the power that means all speaker drivers are controlled and will produce these details that captivate audiences.

    And I know what you're going to say at this's an AV Receiver, it's built for Home Theatre, not music reproduction. But just think how much of a movie has music playing in the background. It's over 50%. And if that music makes you tear up or makes you angry, that's not by accident. That's what good soundtracks are designed to do. and having an amp that gets all those nuances is what elevates the cinema experience to the next level.

    And that's why we at Carlton Audio Visual grab a Marantz amp when we're setting up our own demo rooms, when one of our customers wants 'the best home theatre they can afford' or for that matter our own systems at home - we're musicians and we understand what music done well can do. 

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  • Marantz TT42 Turntable ... a small piece of Germany for your records

    This is actually made by the German company Dual for Marantz and has been an extant design since 1973 or thereabouts. There are always times in our lives when we may be a little bit impaired and aren't safe to play our precious LPs on. Save yourself from Vinyl Narcolepsy and alcohol induced scratches by this handy full automatic record player. If you are a Hi Fi afficianado with a high quality fully manual Rega or somesuch having a record player such as this can be a useful backup for times of impairment or social gatherings.

    We have a limited offer of the TT42 at a very special price.

    Specification of the Marantz TT42 

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    Regular Price: $649.00

    Special Price $490.00

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  • Marantz SA12SE CD Player and DAC

    Marantz CD players have often been the port of last call for that particular customer that is searching for music in a digital realm where everything measures well but is post apocalyptically sterile to the listening. There is also that small but significant in our fanatics base of people for whom SACD is the only answer. And for them these high end Marantz players are the go to product for real quality and realisation of the potential of the format.

    This new piece of kit has been voiced and refined by the Marantz dream team sound engineers and is an excellent external Digital to Analogue Converter for your other digital sources.


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  • Marantz PM12SE Special Edition Amplifier

    Look deep into the mind of a man and you will find music ... Marantz is made to help you find yourself.

    The original PM-12 was solely created for the Japanese market, and quickly proved to be the next chosen one. European sound engineers combined it with achievements made developing the famous PM-KI Ruby, and thus the PM-12 Special Edition was born.

    Hi Fi News on the PM12SE and the SA12SE 

    Marantz official site for the PM12SE 

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  • Marantz SACD30N ... the Model 30 CD player and streamer

    This is something of a reincarnation product but with rather cutting edge digital disc and streaming tech . . Made in Japan with love. Physically the SA30 is actually gorgeous, the photos don't do it justice, it really exudes a quality aesthetic presence. In combination with the matching amp it is a piece of Hi Fi art that will make people who know nothing about stereo want to go and fondle it inappropriately ...

    StereoNet on the Model 30 release 

    Marantz UK site for the SACD30 

    "Hi-Fi News" loves the Model 30 

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  • Marantz Model 30 Integrated amplifier

    A lovely piece of work and a notable inclusion to the Marantz range ... one absolutely loves the adjustable Phono MC input impedance. The original Marantz Consollette made in New York in 1953 had phono equaliser controls on the front. These are made with love in the Japanese factory and will be in great demand.

    The phono tech in this amplifier makes it an awesome choice for a good quality turntable based setup.

    By the way it's hard to overstate just how pretty this amplifier is and even more so if you put it together with the matching Cd Player Streamer component.

    StereoNet on the Model 30 release 

    "Hi-Fi News" loves the Model 30 

    Marantz UK site for the Model 30 amplifier 

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  • Marantz PM7000N stereo amplifier with streaming and DAC

    We've always sold Marantz stereo amplifiers at Carlton Audio Visual. From the beginning when Rab acquired stock from another failed retail outfit, that he used to work for. Marantz has been part of the inventory and unlike other brands that leave us once ownership and manufacturing standards change, Marantz stays with us. For thirty years it's been consistently reliable, consistently musical, consistently up to date with the latest connections.

    The PM7000N is the lovechild of a throuple of the PM6007amplifier, a Heos Link, and a decent digital to analogue converter.

    Connections on this unit include phono for a Turntable, Optical and Coaxial for digital sources like a TV, USB, subwoofer, outputs for two sets of speakers and most importantly streaming capabilities (via Heos built-in). And sure there are other amps that have similar set of connections with Phono and a selection of digital inputs forming the basis of many stereo integrated amps these days, but they don't normally have streaming built in. For another class AB amp with such a spec sheet you could look at the Naim Uniti Atom  ($4995) or the Class D Cambridge Audio Evo 150 ($4299) but the Marantz has a richness in the sound that others lack.

    A cello sounds full deep and resonating, like a cello should. And female vocalists like Hannah Reid from London Grammar don't become shrill when the volume goes up a bit. 

    At just below the $2K mark, this is a solid offering and a must-listen for those wanting a do-it-all amplifier.

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  • Marantz SR6015 8K Surround Receiver ... musicality included

    As lockdown has hit Melbourne for the 4th time, we know alot of people will be watching alot of Netflix. So we're running a special on some units where we have excess stock! Take advantage of these special pricings. 

    The Marantz SR6015 is one of our favourite surround amplifiers for combining musicality with a comprehensive set of Cinema features. The Marantz designers have done a really good job on the output stage. It has a decent phono input and is intended to be properly assayed by critical consumers through good quality loudspeakers rather than sold as an unopened box.

    Official Australian SR6015 website 

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  • Marantz SR5015 8K Receiver for home cinema ...

    Right in the sweet spot of our particular market at Carlton Audio Visual we have been selling Marantz 5000 series Receivers for over twenty five years. They have always been our particular favourite for musicality combined with surround sound and exceptional reliability at their particular price point.

    Official UK site for the SR5015.

    Designed to deliver impactful and nuanced home cinema and listening experiences, the 8K-ready AV receiver line offers the most musical sound from any source, including home theater, vinyl and streaming media. Like all Marantz products, the 2020 SR-Series AVRs are extensively tuned by world-renowned acousticians at state-of-the-art facilities, producing Marantz's unique audiophile-quality sound. This, paired with the AV industry's latest array of technologies, enables more immersion, visual beauty and detailed power than ever before.

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