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  • Marantz KI Ruby PM & SA Integrated Amp and SACD player pair... SPECIAL DEAL... for the last of Ken Ishiwata's pieces

    Marantz has been an industry leader for 40 years and its high-end, audiophile products have been steered and designed by the late Ken Ishiwata. Ken was the sound and ears of Marantz and the main reason marantz's Hi-Fi products have recieved decades of acclaim and been loved around the world. His passing has marked an end of an era for Marantz which makes these KI (Ken Ishiwata) Ruby units special. They are even engraved with Ken's name in his own handwriting.

    But more than just an ode to Ken Ishiwata, these are gorgeous sounding machines. Crafted to showcase detail and be musical and involving with that special glint of KI-ness.

    The CD player is an SACD player, as Ken was always a believer in DSD - the digital format used by SACD. Because DSD takes pictures of the whole of the file's sine wave instead of slices of it at different times (PCM, bit-rate) it's capable of producing a product that fills in all the gaps and is really very musical. Unlike alot of other SACD players, this one upsamples all files to DSD before shipping them onto the DAC which will send the signal on its way to the amplifier. That means even without an SACD formatted CD, you'll get the most out of this player.

    The amplifier is very generously rated at 100W per channel but doing a bit of extra reading, measuresments have been taken that rate it well over 200W at 4 Ohms...which frankly sounds more plausible once you've sat down and had a listen to this amp. There are separate power supplies for the preamp and power amp stages delivering reduced noise floor and clarity in the sound. All of the diodes and other small components of the amplifier have been selected and tested by Ken Ishiwata himself to produce the sound that he strives for.

    The amp is rich and warm in the bass but exudes an agility and rymthmic cohesion throughout the frequency range that gives life and dynamics to the music.

    Don't miss out on this special offer as stocks are very limited (1 black pair, 2 champagne)!

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  • Marantz MM7025 2-Channel Power Amplifier

    The smallest of Marantz's Power Amplifier range. It's adaptable and can integrate into larger systems. Importantly it has a sonic warmth and the grit (140W RMS) to deliver control to your speakers. Learn More
  • Marantz AV8805 13.2 Channel Processing AV Pre-amplifier

    This is the mother of all Surround Sound Pre-amps. It has an unprecedented 13.2 Channel Processing capability, of course all of the latest immersive audio formats like DTS:X, Dolby Atmos and Auro-3D, enough EQing and room adjustments to make your system sound perfect in ANY situation and soooo many other goodies it's hard to list them all. BUT above all it sounds BRILLIANT. And that's to do with the impeccable internal fitout. This whole unit is powered by its own Toroidal transformer. It's made in Marantz's premium Japan factory (the only other Marantz AV unit made there is the SR8012) and you can tell by the finished quality of the build. This is our go-to unit for High-End Home Cinema installations and we find they do particularly well with Krix MX series speakers! Learn More
  • Marantz AV7705 11.2 channel AV pre-amplifier

    AV separates hold a considerable advantage over 'all-in-one' Surround Sound Receivers. Sound quality is improved; With separate power supplies to your pre-amp and power-amp, you drastically clean up the sound. Avoid some of the dreaded built-in obsolescence of Audio Visual consumer electronics; It's great that there are constantly developments in the AV world but that means updates to HDMI handshake protocols, new formats of surround sound processing ect that quickly mean you need to upgrade your Surround Sound Receiver. With Separates you can keep your big beefy power amps and upgrade your pre-amp. Learn More
  • Marantz SR7013

    Enjoy a superior and powerful listening experience for your favorite movies and music with precision audio engineering and tuning. The Marantz SR7013 features Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, Auro-3D and DTS Virtual:X decoding for immersive home theater, and proprietary HDAM circuit boards for more detailed, dynamic sound. Eight HDMI inputs are fully compatible with the latest specifications, including 4K Ultra High Definition video, 60Hz video, HDR, Dolby Vision and Hybrid Log-Gamma. Listen to all your favorite music from your smart devices via Bluetooth, AirPlay 2 or the HEOS app. Control the SR7013 with your voice and Amazon Alexa — download the HEOS Home Entertainment skill and ask Alexa to play, pause or stop music, switch inputs for your different media players, turn up the volume and more.

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  • Marantz MM8077...7 Channel Power Amplifier

    A more powerful big brother to the MM7055/MM7025 (150W RMS) and also runs more channels of amplification. This is the unit that regularly forms the basis of the most kick-ass systems. This will deliver a true cinema audio experience in your home but it'll also deliver exceptional music with a warmth and depth of tone. Learn More
  • Marantz CD6006

    Again, another solid CD player from Marantz. Better DAC and power supply than it's little brother, the CD5005, means a cleaner more detailed sound. Learn More
  • Marantz MM7055 5 Channel Power Amplifier

    The MM7055 is a versatile 5 channel power amplifier that deliver 140W RMS to your speakers. Like all Marantz gear it has a rich tonality meaning music and movies are enjoyable to listen to. With the added advantage of going to separates with your AV electronics (better sound reducing built-in obsolescence), this is a popular unit for people who want the next step in home audio. Learn More
  • Marantz NR1710

    A favourite in the Marantz range is the NR series because of its slim line profile without compromising the features and connectivity of the larger amps. They're a perfect option for squeezing into a tight space.

    The NR1710 is the bigger of the two in the NR series and has capability for up to 7 channels of amplification and 2 subwoofers. Packed with handy features like built-in Heos, Bluetooth and even a Bluetooth transmitter for connecting to Bluetooth Head Phones.

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  • Marantz NR1510

    A favourite in the Marantz range is the NR series because of its slim line profile without compromising the features and connectivity of the larger amps. They're a perfect option for squeezing into a tight space.

    The 1510 is packed with 50W per channel and has Heos and Bluetooth on board for your streaming needs. It also has Bluetooth transmission to bluetooth Headphones, a very handy feature with the new version.

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  • Marantz CR612 All-in-one Amp, CD, Heos, Radio, Bluetooth

    A fantastic compact unit with everything all in the one box and great sound quality to boot. 60W per channel is nothing to sneeze at. It does particularly well paired with some Acoustic Energy AE100 bookshelf speakers. Learn More

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  • Marantz PM8006.......Made In Japan

    With a fully discrete current feedback design, the PM8006 integrated amplifier is perfect for audiophiles wanting both excellent music quality and flexible operation. It offers a powerful 2x 70W into 8 ohm, while the symmetrical circuits ensure optimal imaging. To ensure the most involving musical experience, the amplifier uses a new Marantz-designed electric volume control and brand-new Marantz Musical Phono EQ phono preamp stage, designed to get the purest signal from beloved vinyls by minimized noise levels. To further remove interference, new isolating feet are used to support the amplifier, combining high density and a damping fibre. Learn More

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  • Marantz ND8006

    Marantz design engineers have taken everything we learned in developing the Premium Range and applied it to this first-of-its-kind, exquisite player. Introducing "The Complete Digital Music Source Player". The ND8006 delivers renowned Marantz sound from literally unlimited music sources, including online music services, HEOS multi-room technology, locally stored high-resolution audio files, CD audio playback, AirPlay, Bluetooth and more. Easily upgrade any existing audio system to the best of Digital music - along with a mega-portion of versatility. Wherever and however your favourite music is stored, you can now enjoy it in pure Marantz quality. Because Music Matters. Learn More
  • Marantz PM6006 Amplifier ... stereo cleanliness

    We love amplifiers, they are as important to Hi-Fi and music reproduction as engines are to cars and going fast ...

    The PM6006 is classic Ishiwata Marantz at a very reasonable price with superb digital inputs and phono stage.

    Come and try it through a pair of Krix Acoustix MKII loudspeakers and hear the real thing ... it's smoother and cleaner than its fine predecessor the 6005.

    "What Hi-Fi?" love it too ...

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  • Marantz PM10 Amplifier... an expression of engineering perfection

    I absolutely loved the Marantz ads from the 1980's ... here was a brand that was head and shoulders above the mainstream brands such as Technics and Pioneer in sound quality and engineering that was being marketed with quite uncommon flair.

    The Marantz "hear no evil" advert and the magazine placements is a steadfast of practise in small ads for our industry.



    These two stereo components are amongst the finest that have ever been made by this company. they are constructed under the severe tutelage of Ken Ishiwata, an original disciple of Saul Marantz, who still appears at the Munich hi fi show and has accasionally graced the small places of Carlton Audio Visual.

    These are not inexpensive components, but you would only be destined to purchase them once in your life ....

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  • Marantz PM5005

    One of our Bestselling integrated amplifiers, excellent MM phonostage built in, 40 true watts of Power. Come try it with a Pair of Monitor Audio Bronze 2 Bookshelfs or a pair of RP-150M's Learn More
  • Marantz SA-10S1, Flagship Super Audio CD player

    Considered by many long term reviewers as the standard in SA CD and CD reproduction. The depth of musicality, extraordinary; The imaging, second to none; The amount of times hardened audiophiles have said to me with this CD player, 'I haven't heard that in that track before', countless. We've put this CD player into a whole range of different types of systems. We find it very versatile as to what it can be 'matched' with and that's also a testament to it simply being a REALLY good CD player. Learn More
  • Marantz TT-15S1

    This turntable is one of Rab's favourites and it can be looked over within our sea of Rega. The whole Chassis and Platter is made out of a low resonance, high-density acrylic. This material is soooooo Acoustically dampening is hard to argue that it's not the best stuff to make a Turntable out of...other brands do and they say 'well people like the look of wood'. There's no skimping with this Marantz by just doing an Acrylic platter or using a low mass Acrylic to save some dollars. They've chosen the best materials to make the best possible source material, period. Learn More
  • Marantz NR1508

    A slimline AV receiver that packed full of technology and power. Includes Heos streaming, bluetooth, DTS HD and Dolby Vision, Wi-Fi with dual band support. Learn More

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  • Marantz PM-KI Ruby Integrated Amplifier ... now on demo

    Designed to celebrate the 40-year anniversary of legendary Marantz sound master, Ken Ishiwata, PM-KI Ruby features pinnacle performance that’s synonymous with Marantz excellence. Complete with thoughtful engineering, painstaking tuning and extensive listening sessions, PM-KI Ruby achieves the elevated output worthy of its name. Elegantly shows Ishiwata’s laser-engraved signature to commemorate the design and heightened listening experience that honors the decades-long partnership between him and Marantz. Learn More

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