Legend Acoustics Kama Loudspeakers. Refined Australiana, gorgeous construction, formidable value.

Don't be fooled by the unassuming looks of the Kama's. They are packed with features that enable them to easily compete with the best in their class. And, like all Legend loudspeakers, they are still designed and built in Australia. 

Simply put Dr Rod Crawford is one of the very best loudspeaker designers in the world and the Kama 12 is right on the crux point of quality and value. Just come and touch these speakers ... then hit them hard with your knuckles ... and you will see that their constructional quality is way ahead of anything else at this price point by a huge margin.

These are ridiculously cheap for their quality ... lets not beat around the bush, we have speakers from overseas that retail for $10,000 that are still not as sonically accurate or as well engineered as these.

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Recently we received a plethora of latest iteration Legend Acoustics Loudspeakers. Before I go on a rant about why I love Dr Rod Crawford's Loudspeakers, it is with great pride that I note the supererlative build quality of the Australian made cabinets, from the infinitesimal Joey book-shelfs to the latest iteration of the famed Big Reds these things are built outstandingly well.

First off the test rank were the Kama's which according to Legend acoustics website: "Although the basic form and sound of the Kamas has remained the same since their introduction in 1997, we have continually improved the drivers, cabinets & crossovers for even better sound quality"

Tested with a Cyrus Pre Power combo and a Denon Heos link in our main listening room the Kama's produced a stereo image far better than their price tag suggests. They present a particular holography in their soundstage and they also produce some of the finer details that are sometimes missed. Playing that Hi Fi shop go to of test tracks by Nils Lofgren "Keith don't go" I was amazed with the height of Nil's voice and the spaciousness they were able to produce. Clearly Rod's expertise in crossover development and years of experience designing speakers for Linn Audio in Scotland has been taken full advantage of in the 8th generation Kamas.

Dr. Rod's own page.

Don't be fooled by the unassuming looks of the Kama's. They are packed with features that enable them to easily compete with the best in their class. And, like all Legend loudspeakers, they are still designed and built in Australia. 

The cabinets have internal surfaces which are non-parallel that, together with Australian wool batts, minimize internal standing waves that otherwise reduce clarity. A knuckle-rap test will quickly show they are built like the proverbial xxxxhouse to eliminate cabinet resonances that can also muddy the sound; while their unique stretched Lycra grille produces minimal effect on tonal balance.

Legend have recently launched version 12 of our Kama loudspeakers (note there is no version 11 as it may be mistaken for Roman numeral 2)! The Kama 12s are similar to version 10 but use a new tweeter. It is the one we used in the recently released Tripos, our top-of-the- range passive stand-mount speaker.

The tweeter has a ceramic-coated dome that combines the exceptional detail of a metal dome with the smoothness and non-fatiguing characteristic of ceramic. It has a copper cap to reduce voice-coil inductance and so minimize phase shift. And it has a saturation controlled motor for very low distortion. The result is crystal clarity throughout its treble without hardness or confusion.

Legend have continued to use the low-distortion bass unit made from very strong aluminium-alloy with ribs to further increase their strength so cone break-up only occurs well above its crossover frequency of 2.3 kHz. Together with excellent motor and suspension systems, the ensuing low distortion allows you to hear tonal structure in bass notes, again resulting in greater realism of the reproduced music – and not just some homogenised version.

This is aided by the construction of the Kama cabinets that are designed by CAD (computer-aided drawing) and precisely machined by CNC (computer numerical control) at Narellan in western Sydney. The panels are then assembled and beautifully finished by dedicated Australian craftsmen.

As shown in the photo of their interior the cabinets are heavily braced and damped with constrained-layer damping pads to reduce cabinet vibrations that if added to the driver vibrations will muddle the sound. A solid bracing panel also isolates the 2 bass drivers from each other and is at an angle so that together with the fine-fibre absorbing pads standing waves in the cabinet’s air column which again will muddle the sound are reduced. For this same reason wedges on the vertical sides of the cabinets make them internally non-parallel – and they further strengthen the walls! And they have Legend's unique Lycra grilles to minimise diffraction effects.

All this technology intended to maintain clarity is preserved by the Kamas very high quality crossovers optimally designed by our long experience to use the drivers over their best ranges and to combine them so you hear them not as individual units but as an integrated whole.

The crossover filters use very high quality components including specially-sourced polypropylene capacitors (often in parallel for lower series resistance), large-gauge air-cored inductors (so there is no magnetic saturation) and high-power non-inductive wire-wound resistors (so there are no thermal or magnetic effects). All are directly soldered to each other and to the drivers via high quality wire for minimum contact resistance. Everything is done to reduce distortion of the music signals getting to the drivers and so to your ears!

As shown by the measurements, because the new Kama 12s are so accurate with such flat frequency response and low distortion they will be very faithful ("high fidelity" in its true sense!) to your music. Given the right preceding equipment you will hear all the emotional drama and nuances of the artists’ playing. Like being there!

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