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Monitor Audio Bronze 2 now available

The new Monitor Audio Bronze 5’s have just arrived in the store and although they have yet to be run in, the immediate impression is that these will be significantly better than the BX5’s they replace. Playing Gotye through the Rega Brio R and Apollo R and it’s obvious that the bass is more extended as well as being more controlled than the BX5’s – which is no mean feat. The mid-range is also sounding more open and transparent – it will be interesting to see how much further they improve with some hours on them.

The new Bronze 1’s and Bronze 2’s have now arrived as well ... by George they have a tough act to follow. Initial impressions are of a sonically more rounded design with refinement in the mid and treble approaching that of the Silver series ... time will tell if they have also lost the zest of timimg and pace that helped make the BX2's so very popular.

Apparently not ... here is the first review from What Hi Fi? ... straight to the top of the class ...

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Australian Loudspeakers

Would you buy speakers from this man? Luckily you don't have to as some of the world's finest loudspeakers on display and some of our favourites just happen to be Australian through and through. From South Australia (Krix), New South Wales (Aaron), Tasmania (Legend) and Victoria (Ambience Ribbons), we stock a comprehensive range of home grown designs that compete with the best the world has to offer.

We're currently setting up for the Melbourne Home Show, where we've got systems from Krix and Aaron adorning our stand. Show specials you ask - Why yes ofcourse. We've got a nifty pack containing five Aaron IC120 in ceiling speakers and the killer Denon AVR-X520 for just $799! That's almost half price! And we've got Krix packages all the way up to the mind blowing SX series real home cinema - pricing so keen we can't mention it online! You don't have to trek into the home show either - we've left a skeleton staff back at the store to help you!


The Elex R is made in the English Rega factory and is one of the best buys available for a real stereo amp that one would justifiably expect to last a generation or two in a family. In this business we get to make snap product judgments on the way a device feels in our hands when we take it out of the box. The particular first impression I got from the Elex was a sense of Deja Vu that put me back in the Imperial War Museum and being given a slab of 40mm armour from a Tiger Tank. It is quite remarkably solid and in fact on the hi-fi component inertia scale is possibly the highest scoring item ever ....

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Another hallmark CAV home automation project achieves record prices

We've been lucky to work on projects for some of Melbourne's finest residences. This Kew residence was very carefully appointed with the best in Audio Visual and Control Systems. A complete automation job featuring lighting control, whole home audio distribution, intercom integration and an exquisite theatre, we worked closely with the owners for over a year to deliver the project to their specifications. You can read more about the record sale price it recently achieved here.

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Our man Rab talks Vinyl Revival to ABC's Australia Wide

A Space Odyssey

Its the shitz, man

We are proud to present once again on demo the Michell Gyrodec, arguably the most iconic of all hifi components. Its form and function rivals anything from the Eames stable, its appearance undeniably mid-century modern. Its creator, the late J.A. Michell, founded an engineering company that provided services to the film industry in the 60s, including the design of space crafts for Stanley Kubrick's 2001 - A Space Odyssey. No doubt this was why the GyroDec appeared in "A Clockwork Orange" by Kubrick.

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