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NuVista 800 in the house!

We've just taken delivery of a NuVista 800 super integrated amplifier. The original NuVista was a truly stunning piece of amplifier that we just loved to pieces back in the day. It used a vintage tube that had a rare mount to it - enough so that MF could only make a couple of hundred units. Fast forward to the present day and thanks to the magic of the internet (is there anything it can't do?) MF has located and bought up enough bases to make another limited edition run. But this time they've gone all out and built this thing with all the latest trimmings and cutting edge manufacturing techniques. The result is the NuVista 800 - a 300W per side 'super' integrated amp that looks and sounds a million bucks. We've just received it and it's running in still - we can't wait to hear it once it's got some hours on it. In the mean time, check out the unboxing photos below!

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Krix Floorstander - the 'Neuphonix'


Launched in 2005 this remains an exceptional class leading design, the Neuphonix can generate massive acoustic power in a room but has terrific treble grace an midrange agility. We love them.
From their review in Audio & Video Lifestyle Magazine: "..the Neuphonix impressed me as loudspeakers capable of impressive bass but also, a little surprisingly, tight dynamics... The use of four smaller bass drivers in place of one large one means that just as much bass energy is being sent out into the room while the speakers, dynamically at least, can still stop on a 20 cent piece. The Neuphonix have one of the most credible small loudspeaker performances with large speaker bass I've yet heard. Very impressive.... You can hear why Krix loudspeakers are so well regarded all over the world; you simply don't have to try too hard to get into their sound. It kind of envelops you without you even noticing it."


The SR10 Stereo Receiver was the accidental lovechild of the Cambridge factory ... an old fashioned receiver that happened to sound good with its toroidal transformer and respectable phono stage. A leftover eighties design with remote control that sold hugely against the tier one market wisdom. While all their digital postcedants lingered on the shelves people kept buying the AM/FM SR10 more and more. So here is the big brother SR20:

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Really truly proper amplifiers that do a really truly proper job of making a pair of speakers sing aren’t hard to come by. What is hard to find, is an amp that will make 7 speakers sing. Arcam are part of the narrow band of folks who do it right.

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We don't make it a secret that we are big fans of PMC speakers around these parts. We've been selling them for more than a decade and we still delight in their transparent and expressive presentation and incredible bass response. Whenever a new model arrives it always creates a bit of a buzz, as we're keen to see how they stack up with against their illustrious predecessors. When the speaker in question is the successor to the original MB2, then we're going to be especially excited.

MB2se setup with Vicoustic room treatment and AR and Roksan

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We had the first Brio-R in the country, being the first made for Australia unit prior to stock shipment. Immediately out of the box it impressed as resembling mostly an ingot of solid steel, a real piece of cast in England.

Rega Brio R

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