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Record Store Day .... Sales up 742 per cent

Once upon a time we were told that records were going to join trilobites as a layer in the ground. This was a pity.
We always knew they sounded better.
Not in a way that submitted itself as measurements of Dynamic Range and Total Harmonic Distortion that could be marketed without fear of retribution if the trade practices people were to be involved.

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Instant Theatre - $4,995

Big screen packages aren't hard to put together- pretty much every Hifi store has their own package system, generally made by bundling together some high margin components so that a high nominal discount can be achieved. We set ourselves a challenge of build a system that not only hits a price point, but will deliver superb results for that money. We've put together a carefully selected suite of 5 star components that produces dynamic results, with smooth images and silky sound. Check it out below:

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Our man Rab talks Vinyl Revival to ABC's Australia Wide

A Space Odyssey

Its the shitz, man

We are proud to present once again on demo the Michell Gyrodec, arguably the most iconic of all hifi components. Its form and function rivals anything from the Eames stable, its appearance undeniably mid-century modern. Its creator, the late J.A. Michell, founded an engineering company that provided services to the film industry in the 60s, including the design of space crafts for Stanley Kubrick's 2001 - A Space Odyssey. No doubt this was why the GyroDec appeared in "A Clockwork Orange" by Kubrick.

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I was going to start off with a pun about the name, until I was informed the name is a pun - Hugo goes where ever 'you go'. Groan. So, now that's out of the way, what the hell is this chunky block of aluminium all about? Well, the Hugo is a DAC. And a headphone amp. A portable dac/headphone amp. Ok, so that's been done before, but never approaching this level of quality.

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We had the first Brio-R in the country, being the first made for Australia unit prior to stock shipment. Immediately out of the box it impressed as resembling mostly an ingot of solid steel, a real piece of cast in England.

Rega Brio R

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