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Sonus Faber don't make speakers - they make some of the finest musical instruments on the planet.

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One of our major competencies is the design and installation of integrated audio visual systems allied to home automation technologies. Commonly we meet the client at the planning stage and oversee through to handover.

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  • The Fairhaven pole house


    The Pole House is a distinctive part of the landscape on the Great Ocean Road here in Victoria. One of Australia's smartest people bought it when it finally came up for sale by the original pylon engineer who had built it initially in the 1960s. Like many people who actually do something really useful for society this gentleman is incredibly modest and unassuming but has an unbridled love for good music and video.

    We were called in at the early stages to conceptualise and iterate the audio visual systems and automation. Peculiar to this residence is the fact that the Pole House itself is available for lease to holidaymakers and needs to be able to operate both independantly and contiguously with the new primary residence that has been constructed on the hillside behind it.

    The home systems are operated via Control4, this automation product that Carlton Audio Visual has been purveying and installing since 2004 is now Australia's leading home integration system for combining all of your lighting, AV control, HVAC and other functions with elegance and simple accesability.

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  • PMC Loudspeakers in Melbourne

    We have had a long relationship with this brand … we are now on our third distributor of the product in Australia ,,,

    PMC stands for the Professional Monitor Company … they are the transducer darling of the UK studio scene and have an amazing list of notable clients.

     The outstanding feature of their design is the use of advanced transmission line technology. in the construction.

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  • Monitor Audio Platinum loudspeakers


    We have been thoroughly enamoured of the Monitor Audio Platinum Speakers since they were released in 2009. These top of the range UK loudspeakers are in the class of B&W 800 series or Kef Blades but without the punitive monetary imposition of those brands marketing efforts.

    Physically the Platinum series is beautiful. That combination of high mass burnished and curved wood finish cabinetry offset by the rich Strathspey leather baffle frontage is a unique aesthetic that also smells good. Often these highly engineered loudspeakers can be intimidating for a home but the Platinums have an Aston Martin aura that complements a nice room and can help swing the important domestic partner permissioning for such an acquisition.

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