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  • Labour Day

    labour day

    We will be closed this Monday, March 12th for Labo(u)r day. Enjoy the celebration of the 8 hour work day!

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  • Dynaudio in Melbourne

    Some gorgeous loudspeakers that can justifiably claim to have the most refined moving coil drive units in the world.

    Now invigorated by a massive transfusion of Chinese capital this company is also born again in Australia.

    It’s worth pointing out that the brand our other loudspeaker manufacturers seem to perhaps be most chagrined at our purveying is Dynaudio in their latest distributor partnership in Australia …

    The new Dynaudio range excels in their wireless offering by the way. The Xeo 2’s at $1995 are an exceptional quality offering in a very compact form factor.  

    As ever though a properly purchased loudspeaker is a personal subjective choice on the part of the consumer and Dynaudio are another option for our clients to try in comparison.

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  • The Fairhaven pole house

    The Pole House is a distinctive part of the landscape on the Great Ocean Road here in Victoria. One of Australia's smartest people bought it when it finally came up for sale by the original pylon engineer who had built it initially in the 1960s. Like many people who actually do something really useful for society this gentleman is incredibly modest and unassuming but has an unbridled love for good music and video.

    We were called in at the early stages to conceptualise and iterate the audio visual systems and automation. Peculiar to this residence is the fact that the Pole House itself is available for lease to holidaymakers and needs to be able to operate both independantly and contiguously with the new primary residence that has been constructed on the hillside behind it.

    The home systems are operated via Control4, this automation product that Carlton Audio Visual has been purveying and installing since 2004 is now Australia's leading home integration system for combining all of your lighting, AV control, HVAC and other functions with elegance and simple accesability.

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