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It's the Law.

It's Time.

The financial year endeth, and with it a time to take stock. I mean literally. We are required to do it by law. This is generally the time of year we unearth a couple of gems that have been squirreled away in the stock room. From surplus turntables to trade-in loudspeakers, there's something for almost every budget. In fact, we're open to offers on pretty much everything that not screwed down - if it's in stock, we can talk. In addition, we've got a bunch of new stock specials.

Amplifiers, CD Players, Streamers, DACs, Papillons, Speakers, Turntables, Subwoofers, Projectors and more!

PS Audio night at CAV - Thursday 9th of July

Come see the mighty BHK 250 Signature power amp from PS Audio, before it's actual release date at Carlton Audio Visual. All the other exciting gear from PS Audio will be on show with experts on hand to show you the ins and outs of all wonderful DACs and power products.

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The ad The Age wouldn't run.

We've been contacted by The Age to inform us that the ad above won't be appearing in tomorrow's Green Guide. It's actually our first print ad in roughly a year and thoroughly in keeping with our previous print advertising campaigns. Our print ads have featured a fanatic - someone either topical or famous who has appeared in black and white with googly eyes and a witty quip. Over the years we've featured some questionable figures, including Saddam Hussein, Stalin, Kim Jong-il and the Queen, along with numerous politicians and minor celebrities. Over the past few years we've attempted to steer away from mass murderers and focus more on inspirational figures, like Nikola Tesla and Charles Darwin. So when we put this ad together featuring Joe Hockey, we didn't expect any trouble from it. In fact 2 of our print ads during the 2014 budget cycle featured Joe Hockey.

In the intervening year however, Joe Hockey has sued Fairfax. This has lead to a timidity when it comes to mentioning him in their paper, featuring in their cartoons, or yes, appearing in their advertising. I would like to be clear here - Carlton Audio Visual aren't being critical of Joe Hockey, his government or their policies positions. We're just having a bit of fun with with one of his faux pas. As we have done in the past. What's really upsetting for us, is the implications that the current political climate is placing on the freedom of the press, that a newspaper such as The Age feels that to publish this ad would some how enrage the treasurer, or be preceived as bias against him. We're sorry that The Age won't be able to publish this ad. They've offered to move a modified ad to the Friday edition, which means we will miss our target audience in the Green guide. We'll be replacing Joe Hockey in the ad with someone who won't upset their delicate position. I wonder who it will be?

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PMC Trade-in offer ... Save thousands of dollars ... Really ... Short time only

It's that time. Your old speakers have had a good run. They sung sweet songs for you, they've seen you through some good times, some bad times, and they've never judged you about that thing you did once. Nothing lasts forever though. Sometimes you've just got to scratch that upgrade itch and shed your old equipment like a butterfly sheds its cocoon. PMC are giving you the opportunity to emerge from your audio pupation with a beautiful set of British built transmission line speakers for wings, and live off the nectar of your vinyl collection... actually I think this metaphor is going south rather quickly.

What we're trying to say is that PMC are offering some amazing trade-in deals on their even more amazing Twenty and Fact range of speakers. It's never been cheaper to heighten the Hi in your Fi with the goose-bump-enduing detail and rhythm that PMC produce. The deal is a limited time offer, so call in or call up and see just how good a big wooden box can sound.

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New Bronze series is arriving!

The new Monitor Audio Bronze 5’s have just arrived in the store and although they have yet to be run in, the immediate impression is that these will be significantly better than the BX5’s they replace. Playing Gotye through the Rega Brio R and Apollo R and it’s obvious that the bass is more extended as well as being more controlled than the BX5’s – which is no mean feat. The mid-range is also sounding more open and transparent – it will be interesting to see how much further they improve with some hours on them.

If you’re hanging out for the new Bronze 1’s and Bronze 2’s then you will have to cool your boots for a few more weeks; keep an eye on our twitter feed – we’ll announce their arrival the moment they hit the store.

If you can’t wait we still have stock of the wonderful BX2’s…

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Another hallmark CAV home automation project achieves record prices

We've been lucky to work on projects for some of Melbourne's finest residences. This Kew residence was very carefully appointed with the best in Audio Visual and Control Systems. A complete automation job featuring lighting control, whole home audio distribution, intercom integration and an exquisite theatre, we worked closely with the owners for over a year to deliver the project to their specifications. You can read more about the record sale price it recently achieved here.

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