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Cables ain't cables.

QED have put together a nifty explanation about how HDMI cables differ, giving a very plain text explanation of just how important timing information is to getting a great image. Rather than it losing something in translation, here's a link to their PDF flyer:
QED Cables Matter

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Densen B-130 amplifier for life ...

At first glance it appears to be a fairly plain looking box: Squared off design with clean and obvious controls on the front. Looking a little closer the attention to detail becomes more apparent. Simple brushed metal casing wraps around giving the impression that it's all one piece and the weight of the unit makes the 130 seem like less of an amp and more of a solid ingot of steel. The detail of this products construction is actually beautiful like a Bimota or Bugatti ... unlike those brands Densen has a lifetime warranty ...

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Rega Brio - Our favourite small amp

Rega Brio R

We had the first Brio-R in the country, being the first made for Australia unit prior to stock shipment. Immediately out of the box it impressed as resembling mostly an ingot of solid steel, a real piece of cast in England.

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Krix Factory visit

We got to visit the Krix Factory for their 40th Birthday. This is a world class loudspeaker development and manufacturing facility in Hackham outside Adelaide.

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On our knees for Nordost

This week we had the inestimable Nordost people instore to show off the new Norse cable range. This range utilises a combination of technology bought down from the excessively premium Valhalla range.

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How much is that Nordost in the window?

The contest is over!

And we would like to congratulate our winner on the winning guess. Eric claims the Blue Heaven power cable with the somewhat outlandish guess of $35,500! Well, obviously not that outlandish, as the actual retail value of the case is $29,555! We had quite the spread of entries, from $2,990 through to 'one million dollars!, with an average guess around $12,500. So there you have it - Nordost ain't cheap, but then again, quality never does come cheap does it? Rest assured - you'll hear every dollar you spend reflected in the improvements it brings to your system. With the demo kit in tow, we can give your system one heck of a tune up - it will let you hear what your system is truly capable of. Thanks to everyone who entered, make sure you keep an eye on our facebook page in case we decide to run another one of these things again!

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