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Show stoppers

One of the products that turned heads at the recent Melbourne Hi-Fi show was the Neuphonix AE40, a limited edition wonder from Krix celebrating 40 years in the business! We got some very positive feedback from the public on these, and we will have a demo set any day now. Act quickly if you're keen though - there are only going to be 40 pairs of these marvels made, so don't delay!

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Now on a home run as we await its Dolby Atmos equipped successor, we have just a very limited quantity of Rab's favourite big multicahannel Receiver way below normal cost.

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Really truly proper amplifiers that do a really truly proper job of making a pair of speakers sing aren’t hard to come by. What is hard to find, is an amp that will make 7 speakers sing. Arcam are part of the narrow band of folks who do it right.

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House of Usher

The mighty Usher Dancer series graces our show room.

The Dancer Mini-Two

We've been running in the not-especially-mini Mini-Two and Mini-X over the last couple of days and they are starting to sound great. Designed and built in house in Taiwan by dedicated audio aficionados, these great hulking towers and stand-mounts are well worth a look and a listen. Their use of materials in the tweeter is reminiscent of an old love of mine being the Yamaha NS1000M, unlike the NS1000 the Mini Dancers are physically beautiful and free of tonal aberrations.

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Good Things, Small Packages

It’s difficult to write about Cyrus without mention their size. Most of the reviews you read about bang on about their diminutive size, the half width magnesium alloy chassis, or their frankly dated looking appearance. But I want us to look past the chassis and tell you what we love about Cyrus.

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Densen B-130 amplifier for life ...

At first glance it appears to be a fairly plain looking box: Squared off design with clean and obvious controls on the front. Looking a little closer the attention to detail becomes more apparent. Simple brushed metal casing wraps around giving the impression that it's all one piece and the weight of the unit makes the 130 seem like less of an amp and more of a solid ingot of steel. The detail of this products construction is actually beautiful like a Bimota or Bugatti ... unlike those brands Densen has a lifetime warranty ...

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