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We had the first Brio-R in the country, being the first made for Australia unit prior to stock shipment. Immediately out of the box it impressed as resembling mostly an ingot of solid steel.

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The Fairhaven Pole House

Some of our work on one of Victoria's premier residences was recently featured on Better Homes and Gardens. The iconic pole house in Fairhaven is a landmark for anyone who has ever driven along the Great Ocean Road, with the distinct building soaring over the seascape. The adjoining residence was also highlighted, with our Cinema installation being singled out as one of the buildings most impressive features. We also specified and provided the comprehensive home automation systems. for the residence fulfilling a unique brief by the owners.

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    Sometimes when an uneducated novitiate to audio and cinema wanders into the shop I watch that sunrise of gawking incomprehension on their countenance as they gradually realise what it is that we are actually purveying...

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    This evening we had the box opening ceremony of our new stereo brand...

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