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GIft Ideas for the Fanatic

This is certainly a headphone that grabs your attention before you even get them to your ears. These precision machined aluminium cans are extremely well built and scream quality. The lambskin leather head band (not suitable for vegans) is hand sewn and assembled, along with the rest of the headphone in France. They also come beautifully packaged in a nifty box. Seriously, its the kind of thing you'd find in a high end fashion boutique.

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Gift Ideas for the Fanatic

Available in an exquisite black leather or natural tan, the Hugo Leather Case is the perfect accessory for any Hugo owner and offers protection both in the home and on the move.

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Loewe Art series TVs now with a bonus sound system

What's better than getting a class leading German flat panel television? Getting one with a free CD/Bluetooth/internet radio sound system worth $2299. Stocks are limited...

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The Lilium cometh...

The wait is finally over as we take possession of our demo pair of Sonus Faber Liliums! This stately behemoth represents the pinnacle of the Sonus Faber product range and we are beyond excited to have a pair here on display! They are going to take some time to run in and sound their absolute best, but jaws are already dropping. The sheer weight and authority of this speaker is an experience, and one we want to share with you. Not for every budget of course - they are going to be in the neighbourhood of $80K a pair, but we still think you should pop down and hear what they can do. Product page coming soon.

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Really truly proper amplifiers that do a really truly proper job of making a pair of speakers sing aren’t hard to come by. What is hard to find, is an amp that will make 7 speakers sing. Arcam are part of the narrow band of folks who do it right.

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We don't make it a secret that we are big fans of PMC speakers around these parts. We've been selling them for more than a decade and we still delight in their transparent and expressive presentation and incredible bass response. Whenever a new model arrives it always creates a bit of a buzz, as we're keen to see how they stack up with against their illustrious predecessors. When the speaker in question is the successor to the original MB2, then we're going to be especially excited.

MB2se setup with Vicoustic room treatment and AR and Roksan

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