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The Lilium cometh...

The wait is finally over as we take possession of our demo pair of Sonus Faber Liliums! This stately behemoth represents the pinnacle of the Sonus Faber product range and we are beyond excited to have a pair here on display! They are going to take some time to run in and sound their absolute best, but jaws are already dropping. The sheer weight and authority of this speaker is an experience, and one we want to share with you. Not for every budget of course - they are going to be in the neighbourhood of $80K a pair, but we still think you should pop down and hear what they can do. Product page coming soon.

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Get some Deezer, geezer!

Been thinking about buying some Sonos? Of course you have! Now is the time to get on board or to upgrade your system, because Sonos as throwing in a year of free access to Deezer! So not only will you get the markets leading streaming music system, you'll also get a year to check out one of the worlds largest collections of streaming music! All you have to do is pickup a Play:1, Play:3, Play:5 or Playbar before December 31st to get setup with a year of free music. Nice! Check out the Sonos range here.

Quadral Aurum Titans - an owners perspective

Here's a piece that we ran in our most recent newletter (not reading it? Signup above for cool content and specials!) We decided to put something about the Quadral Aurum Titans into the newsletter but try something a little different. We've got a set here in the showroom and are beguiled by them, but in the hustle and bustle of daily shop life, we never get the chance to really get to know the speakers every subtle nuance. We thought we would turn over to Tim Wilkinson from Australian importer Crestmore - biased perhaps, but Tim was prepared to put his money where his mouth is and has purchased a set for himself. Here's a bit of perspective from someone who has taken the time to really experience them:

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Show stoppers

One of the products that turned heads at the recent Melbourne Hi-Fi show was the Neuphonix AE40, a limited edition wonder from Krix celebrating 40 years in the business! We got some very positive feedback from the public on these, and we will have a demo set any day now. Act quickly if you're keen though - there are only going to be 40 pairs of these marvels made, so don't delay!

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Really truly proper amplifiers that do a really truly proper job of making a pair of speakers sing aren’t hard to come by. What is hard to find, is an amp that will make 7 speakers sing. Arcam are part of the narrow band of folks who do it right.

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House of Usher

The mighty Usher Dancer series graces our show room.

The Dancer Mini-Two

We've been running in the not-especially-mini Mini-Two and Mini-X over the last couple of days and they are starting to sound great. Designed and built in house in Taiwan by dedicated audio aficionados, these great hulking towers and stand-mounts are well worth a look and a listen. Their use of materials in the tweeter is reminiscent of an old love of mine being the Yamaha NS1000M, unlike the NS1000 the Mini Dancers are physically beautiful and free of tonal aberrations.

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