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Homeshow hangover special

Another homeshow has come and gone! The staff are knackered, the store is a mess, and we've forgotten to stop this show special! We're keeping our killer deal on Aaron ATS5's ongoing, as we're too tired to do anything about it.

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Receiver Price Crash!

In the market for a home theatre receiver? We've got a killer deal on select Denon and Marantz receiver models while stocks last! Read on for more details!

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We don't make it a secret that we are big fans of PMC speakers around these parts. We've been selling them for more than a decade and we still delight in their transparent and expressive presentation and incredible bass response. Whenever a new model arrives it always creates a bit of a buzz, as we're keen to see how they stack up with against their illustrious predecessors. When the speaker in question is the successor to the original MB2, then we're going to be especially excited.

MB2se setup with Vicoustic room treatment and AR and Roksan

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Digital Bits!

Although vinyl sales are on the up and up, the fact remains that most of our music arrives digitally these days. Whether stamped into a 12cm disc or streamed via the internet, digital music is still the king of convenience.

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The Fairhaven Pole House

Some of our work on one of Victoria's premier residences was recently featured on Better Homes and Gardens. The iconic pole house in Fairhaven is a landmark for anyone who has ever driven along the Great Ocean Road, with the distinct building soaring over the seascape. The adjoining residence was also highlighted, with our Cinema installation being singled out as one of the buildings most impressive features. We also specified and provided the comprehensive home automation systems. for the residence fulfilling a unique brief by the owners.

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Perhaps I have died and am in heaven, there is no other explanation why I could be in a business that is allowed the opportunity to purvey devices like this and the Rega RP10. The Xerxes is the "other" British Record Player from the 1980's ... Touraj Moghaddam was a PhD Engineering student at London when he unveiled the Xerxes at the 1985 Hi Fi Show at a time when every man and dog was chasing the new CD Player market.

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