Loewe Bild 7 77inch OLED 4K German ... is this the best Television in the world? ...

The Loewe TVs are both a luxury brand and a high quality product ... The price / quality relationship of these TVs in Australia is a fantastic offering to an enthusiast looking for a display that is significantly better than acronym powered tier one brands.

On any serious and informed qualitative determination of engineering and performance these are in the upper percentile of screens in our marketplace.

Specifications of the Loewe Bild 7.77.

"What Hi-Fi?" on the Loewe 77 inch .

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Product Description


This is the dream team LG OLED panel built with German chassis and electronics and then sold for less than that LG in Australia. The proper analogy is a good BMW for Hyundai money.

Loewe has been relaunched in Australia with better than global pricing and is going to make some serious inroads into a slightly complacent upper tier Television marketplace where two brands dominate in two retailers.

Once upon a time Loewe had an Australian market presence with CRT that was better than the then tier ones Panasonic and Sony. The new distributor intends to emulate those days with an aggressive take no prisoners approach to pricing and positioning.

If you see this television working you will want one in your home ...

Although this is a fantasy screen bought to life there is still no substitute for a dedicated projection display. For similar money you can procure a laser projector that in a dedicated theatre environment will give an IMAX level performance at home ... 

Ideally of course you have this in the living room and an Atmos Laser theatre for complete immersion ...

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