Today there’s not so much on the HiFi side of things. It was the first of the open to the public days and things get busy and silly at the show. So I took the opportunity to do some sightseeing. In particular going into the Residenz. Such incredible opulence. I can highly recommend a visit if you’re in Munich. I took some pictures of 18th and 19th century Highend HiFi for you: Some Viola da Gamba paintings on the walls as well as harps and an unusual Giraffe Piano.


And then back to the exhibition centre and a couple more products that will hit Australian shores soon. The Naim Uniti Nova Power Edition (PE). It was driving a pair of Focal Sopras beautifully. If you’re familiar with the original Naim Uniti Nova, you’ll know that it would not cope well with such a pairing. Essentially this new version has more power. But that has meant that they’ve switched to a class D amplifier instead of their class AB to keep the neat form factor. Still this is a serious all-in-one streaming amplifier.


Next from my favourite Headphone manufacturer, Meze, comes a new model to sit between the Classic 99 and the 109 Pro at the affordable (maybe sub $1K, Aus pricing not confirmed) end of their range. They are called the 105 AER and are an Open back design which sound big and easy going. They will be a hit.