We are immensely pleased that we are able to open again on Wednesday the 28th October ... it's been a long haul.

During the period of our lockdown we kept trading via the telephone and interweb. We ran a Facebook post with an image of Dan Andrews in a mask staying "Stay Safe änd see you soon" that I didn't actually intend to be controversial, however it attracted more Troll Vitriol and right wing crudity than anything a small business çould possibly be worth.

The negative content came from various apparent sources: Anti Maskers, Anti Vaxxers, Flat Earthers, Soveriegn Citizens, Australian Patriots, Reclaim Australia, etc etc. Much of it appeared to be inspired by a combination of NewsCorp and fringe US websites. There was some internal debate about how we should handle the hundreds of negative comments. For a while we left them on there only deleting the prolific use of foul language and obscene imagery, in order that these people be visible in their risibility.

However it became clear that they were attracting each other to our post'like flies to a cowpat, so we took to deleting and banning them permanently from our page. Rather like a virus it became apparent that the groups of people infecting our Facebook post were themselves suffering a memic contagion of conspiracy theories derived from overseas sources.

Fundamentally I believe that people who hold views that are blatantly anti-science and common sense and motivated by anger and disenfranchisement are probably never going to invest any part of their lives in good music and cinema.

The people who I meet who love music and the art that is good cinema are universally compassionate, intelligent, and tolerant. As such they have a built in immunity to the spread of disinformation and divisiveness. That's why I love our customers ...