Within the industry the logical porogression seems to be tiwards a mobile phone device that can store and replay useful amounts of 1080P video material, The Asian electronics magazine "Tech On" has just released an article that predicts the onset of this mobile technology.
"The day is not so far off when people will be able to hook their mobile phones up to the TV, and enjoy downloaded content on the big screen; use a miniature internal projector to show high-definition imagery on walls, ceilings or other surfaces; or record HDTV programming to a mobile phone while on the road.
Component manufacturers are already swinging into action, developing a host of new products aimed specifically at HDTV applications. In mobile phone application processors, for example, it will be possible to process 1,280 x 720 pixel (720p) video as early as 2009, and if the pace continues it would not be surprising to see products offering support for 1,920 x 1,080 pixel (1080p) video by about 2011.
The countdown has begun, equipping handsets with pins for high-definition multimedia interfaces (HDMI), capable of handling HDTV video uncompressed. TV tuners for terrestrial digital broadcasting are getting ready for an upgrade to "full-segment" design, capable of receiving the same HDTV content displayed on the home tube, far beyond the current one-segment receivers today for quarter video graphics array (QVGA) size display.
The role of mobile phones themselves is likely to change significantly when they can handle HDTV video content. Specifically, they will evolve to interconnect more with the TV and other equipment.
There are limits to handset size: there is little point in displaying a high-definition HDTV video stream on only a tiny screen. People really want to view HDTV content on a big screen. HDTV capability will demand that mobile phones are provided with functions to connect to large-screen TVs and other audio-visual (AV) equipment to swap content.
Equipping handsets with functions for interconnecting with TVs and other pieces of equipment will cause mobile phones to evolve in new directions. For example, it is quite possible that some products will come without much display area, being instead designed to display content on external devices."

"Tech On" August 28th 2008 "Mobile Phones evolve towards pocket HDTV"

So what we end up with is an environment wherin we can walk from place to place with our mobile phone and display blu ray quality media on the nearest screen and sound system via an apropriate protocol. One could for example ... Be talking to someone on the phone and have their video beamed to each screen as you walk past... Think Frederic Pohl and his media devices ...