Where would we be without the binding energy of Christmas? I gather that the 25th December was the winter solstice in Roman times and that the date has been conveniently reassigned from those Pagan times to fit the messianic needs of 4th century Christianity.

The association of Christmas with gift giving has created a Western purveyance industry all of its own. Every advert at this time of year and every single retail outlet will associate itself with this annual event and it is ubiquitous in the English speaking world.

Actually as a business we are not really on board with the feeding frenzy of normal family suburban Christmas shopping. The Xmas consumption aspect of Carlton Audio Visual is usually iterated as a carefully planned reward purchase of a particular piece of audio that may have been under consideration for months beforehand, or as the culmination of a constructional project involving Audio Visual and Automation.

This year is different.

In our post Lockdown working environment we find that many of our ongoing projects that would normally be making a race towards the finish are actually being deffered. This due to raw material and supply chain issues as well as contractor coordination impairment within the project schedules as a pandemic byrotestors on the march.product.

The overiding issue for the past year has of course been the pandemic and consequent closure of our retailing. Alas it appears that the New Year is being marked by a new assertiveness of the virus and its derivatives ... 

Melbourne could have been cool, calm, and collected about the whole thing if not for the extremist conflation of Byron Bay style anti vaxxers and yellow bannered new National Socialist science deniers. The sometimes violent anti-vaxxers have repeatedly convened around Lygon St and have magnetically attracted police and press to surround their movements, the rythmic drumming of hovering helicopters has become the siren call of protestors on the march.

We suffered the negative attentions of the anti vaxx group after incautious Facebook posts expressing support for the police and medical community, and suffered the blows and arrows of a contemporary Google flame attack with many fake reviews intended to undermine our hard fought rating. 

One feels that the virulence that is promulgated around these issues has been stocked by dark forces that see political profit in creating dissension and division.

We just want to sell Hi Fi ...

We are generally reminded that the particular profile of our clients proffers the most benevolent standard of commercial interaction of any sales based endeavour. This is the reason we were able to survive the lockdown ... because our customers were absolutely brilliant.

Thankyou and Happy Christmas.