We have had a long relationship with this brand … we are now on our third distributor of the product in Australia ,,,

PMC stands for the Professional Monitor Company … they are the transducer darling of the UK studio scene and have an amazing list of notable clients.

 The outstanding feature of their design is the use of advanced transmission line technology. in the construction that utilizes a complex folded and damped labyrinth behind the bass driver that optimises the performance  in terms of frequency response and phase accuracy. Some of the earlier versions as used by  TDL and IMF gave very deep bass but had a very slow and ponderous character. PMC use 21st Century CAD techniques with excellent science partners to invoke a bass quality in their loudspeakers that is uniquely deep fast and articulate.

PMC was bought into our business fifteen years ago by our esteemed ex-employee Joe Blair who had been purveying them from the Cornflake Shop in Windmill St in central London. Istill remember the physical surprise I felt when I listened to an all too familiar piece of test music (Jeff Buckley Hallelujah) on a pair of PMC FB1 two way floorstanding speakers and heard a bass line that I had never experienced before on even vastly more expensive devices. 

We gradually built up our inventory of the product and these days carry the astounding MB2SE on demonstration … the speakers that can make a grown man cry …. 

I don’t think PMC are an easy company to deal with at a distributor level … perhaps that fact that Peter Thomas was apparently separated at birth from Ozzy Osborn colours their distributor relationship cycle …

 We had almost given them up last year due to distribution conflicts and it was with a sense of schadenfreude that I discovered they were releasing the brilliant Twenty Five series at the Munich Hi Fi show.  

However a couple of days into the show I spotted a couple of our favourite Australian Distributors conferring with PMC Reps in that cone of whispered exchange that suggested dealings were afoot. They are now in the hands of Interdyne one of Australia’s oldest and most respected high end CE distributors owned by the Encel family.


 The Twenty Five series fills in the gaps of the performance of the prior ranges with a deeper smoother nature while retaining the remarkable insightive qualities that make the brand so engaging. Physically the wood finishes are gorgeous and unique to the brand. The Walnut in particular has found great favour in Melbourne.