The effective negotiation is a singular part of a Melbourne Hi Fi buying experience, but is it really a crime I ask you?

In the prosecutions affidavit contending that I was guilty of client negotiation there are a number of heinous accusations.

Some of them will be true...

I will have to admit to selling Plasma Televisions seven years ago for $12,000 that are now equalled by something for $999

I will have to admit to having sold Music Centres in England in the 1970’s. Pye, HMV, and Rank will be mentioned. …

I will have to admit that I was part of a conspiracy to push new audio and video formats onto innocent members of the public. The list is long but includes Cassette, DCC, Minidisc, VHS, BETA. None of these victims survived.

I contend however that I am the victim here, the unwitting leaf of market forces.

Our sales, I would argue, are an incumbency of the marketplace. The only ethos must be that the customer is happy with their purchase and experience.

The business and I freely admit to being ruthless and unscrupulous in the pursuit of this aim.

That is our survival ethic and nothing shall stand in its way … be it a recalcitrant or bankrupt supplier unwilling to provide service, or competing with products and services from a desolate planet of grey import internet pricing.

Thus we have the penance of our industry. Forever guilty of the the market driven affront of our representations.

Our sentence is to labour endlessly at the behest of our customers. Fortunately we love doing that.