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June Sale...List of Goodies

Our local Babylon is burning.

There have been both rises and falls in the Melbourne retail Hi Fi scene

On the one hand there is a very respectable local dealer being Acoustic Images that has thrown in the towel.

On the other hand ... although one dosn't normally applaud the demise of a dealer in our marketplace ... the fall of Digital Centre (kind of based in Keilor in an office with grey import only) deserves a celebratory drink. We found them destructive to proper purveyance of kit into Melbourne. Check out their Whirlpool reference for truly negative feedback.

Nobody needed any of this stuff a generation or two ago. What have we become?

Forever there are portents that this tower will collapse ...

People will realise that they cant eat their TVs and go back to the land?

On the one hand the tier one cash hungry mass marketers are being defeated by the internet

On the other the Ides of march are calling for the grey importers with an office and a website

In the middle the specialist stores fight each other for the high ground

All have bloody victories and failures as they cut and slash each other for market share.

Oddly enough we at Carlton Audio Visual have a strong sense that people will keep coming to buy our services and products ...

There is an essential division in being that independant business that can choose what it sells.

We only have to sell kit that we like.