Those Welsh boys (and girls, lets not be sexist) over at Leema have decided to bring their beautiful designs back into the range of us mere mortals. We are of course talking about the greatly anticipated new Leema "Pulse" Amplifier and matching "Stream" CD player. Leema are known here at CAV for their amazing high end equipment, most notably the beastly Tucana amplifier and Antila CD player.

What those clever Welsh have done is use the designs of Tuscana/Antila, and honed and slimmed them down to bring you an extremely high performing amp and CD player combonation at a much more affordable price

Check out this review from HI-FI Choice Magazine

Cam's little shpeel!
PULSE - A slick little unit, great grip and control with a fantastic soundscape and imaging abilty

STREAM - Good detail, with great spread and an extremely wide image.