The other day I was able to attend one of those unusual industry meetings where a manufacturer had their new TV range presented not by a suit and a power point but rather by a geeky tech young chap in a large space where the competitor products were all lined up with identical source material.

The other TVs had their brand badges discreetely taped over which made no difference whatsoever to this particular audience of retailers and integrators.

Let me say upfront that the purpose of this demo was to show off the outright superiority of this range of LCD, they did this very effectively. The tests used the David Attenborough "Planet Earth" Blu Ray from the BBC as one of their sources.

The new model P******** Plasma was just plain blurry on the forest scenes. Its ability to handle panning was woeful ... when the camera cut across the landscape scenes the image juddered hopelessly. Diagonal and vertical panning was terrible on the plasmas whilst the new model P.....s 100HZ LCD handled them flawlessly.

Particularly incriminating for the display TVs including the S...y and S.....g was a scene from "Sniper" where the the camera panned across a city scape of tall buildings as the swat team sought out the rifleman. Again the new model Ph..... was flawless in it's rendition whilst the processing fell to bits on the other TVs causing severe judder and aliasing.

Having said all that my personal favourite TV at the moment is the Sharp Aquos LC52D83X that we have set up in the Drummond St rooms. As soon as I got back I ran the demo material that had been used and I am pleased to say that this state of art 100HZ panel performs flawlessly on the same tests that the new LCD TV that was demonstrated to us. Come and see it playing the Planet Earth Blu Ray and you will see what Im talking about.

Thankyou to Qualifi for the demonstration of their new range of TV's, definetly a contender.

Carlton Audio Visual's website for the 52 inch 100Hz Sharp