To all existing and potential Linn LP12 owners - The recent LP12 training at Linn in Glasgow has just been completed! Wow - All I can say is NO 2 LP12's are alike!

There is so much you can do to an LP12 there must be 50 or so variations using Linn's modular options! Not to mention the tweaks which can be done to the stock units! I'm looking forward to the last week of my trip in the UK... Nearly as much as I am looking forward to modifying the hell out my 4 LP12's when I get back home to Melbourne..

Come in for a chat or bring in your LP12 and I'll work my magic and show you why the LP12 is the turntable with the most potential in the world!
-Cheers Ben

Under the knife.

Factory Tour!

The bit what makes it spin.

Super secret turntable voodoo

Hopefully this makes it back through customs...