Take one expensive speaker driver, gorgeous real wood finish, and a ton of sex-appeal, and you get the new Monitor Audio Silver RS series.

In fact, the new RS series can be considered the Beyonce of the speaker world: They flaunt their stunning wood finished cabinets and aluminium C-CAM drivers without apology, and possess an exciting and full bodied sound (pun intended). The new RS series has serious chart-topping mass appeal.

The series covers all bases: Stunning AND affordable bookshelf model? Check. Floorstanding models with power AND finesse? Check. Matching centre channel? Check. Bi-polar rears for a wide range of rear speaker applications? Check. In-wall and in-ceiling speakers for visually discrete yet uncompromising performance. Check.

Cast your eyes over the pics, read the Stereophile review of the RS6's, and come in and 'ave a listen.

The stunning RS6

Quote from Stereophile review, March, 2006:

"When John Atkinson suggested that I review the Monitor Audio Silver RS6, I never expected the level of realism I ended up hearing from this loudspeaker. There's nothing much more I can say—the flawless and exceptional Silver RS6 gave me more listening pleasure than any other loudspeaker I have reviewed for Stereophile. In my more than 20 years of reviewing, I have not reviewed an audio component that produced greater sound quality per dollar than Monitor Audio's Silver RS6."

Stereophile review link

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