We have previously noted regarding Copy protected CDs and their playback problems in DVD players and unfortunately the problem has not gone away. In fact the latest Ben Harper CD is causing grief on many DVD players.

Most DVD players including Denon DVD players are designed to play all CD disc that conform to the Red Book standard (or HDCD where applicable) but it seems that the copy protection software being used by the record companies to prevent copyright infringement does not conform to the red book standards and the DVD player rejects the disc.

The software is designed to stop playback of the copy protected disc in a computer, thus preventing the possibility of copying the disc. The problem is DVD players are based on a computer platform and these discs detect the DVD player as being a computer and will not allow playback.

Ironically the same disc will play in a CD player as they do not have copyright protection present in their software and are not using a computer platform..

If you encounter problems like this please remember that it is the disc that is causing the problem because of its non conforming software.