Gerry Harvey was on the ABC this morning ...
He essentialy threw down a gauntlet to the online retailers of ... show me the money or %ages? ... his heart is in his business and it's values.
Mr Harvey's contention is that the online retailing phenomana being touted in 2012 is analogous to the .com bubble of 2002 ... hopelessly massive investments being made in .com companies for apocalyptic losses.
He has a point ...
Although "sucessful online" companies have typically "seen growth of 25 - 30%" in the last period they are starting from zero and are en totale less than 5% of retail turnover ... that's the magic number in small business by the way ... a product dosn't succeed if not acquiring 5% market penetration ... 5% of your turnover should be advertising ... 5 percent should be your annual growth ... et al
In truth we strive to make 5% as net margin on a transaction.
There are no prisoners here.
Gerry is right on many levels.
It may be that there is a final conflict between online and reality retail.
In the end the consumer will choose. I believe an integrated approach is the proper way to proceed. Those that scream "death to the enemy" on each side of the debate are doomed to be the voice of a wilderness fringe. Those institutions that survive will be those that are listening to their customers.

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