Rotel RA-10 Amplifier

This amp transports one back to an earlier, fresher, time in the 1970's when $500 would buy a piece of Hi Fi kit that would be really useful and still around thirty years later. Love the speaker A and B switching. Fantastic value.

What Hifi? gave it 5 stars and the 2012 product of the year. Need we say more? Ok, sure: It's a tidy little integrated, focusing on doing what it does really well. 40 Watts a side is more than enough to get most speakers up and dancing. Its got a headphone socket and even packs a decent MM phono stage. Oh yeah - it's awesome value for money. It packs a real punch and is a must audition at the price point.

"What Hi-Fi?" on the Rotel RA-10

"There is occasionally much to be said in favour of stripping back to the fundamentals, and the RA-10 is definitely one of those occasions. The RA-10 offers 40 Watts per channel, four analogue line level inputs, a phono input and traditional integrated amplifier controls that will feel comfortable and intuitive to every user.

Rotel RA-10 Amplifier

The RA-10 is no lightweight however. It is a serious high performer that benefits from all our efforts dedicated towards optimising audio electronics for the reproduction of music. The RA-10 brings a clarity and effortless dynamism to music that belies both its modest ambitions and modest price."

The Rotel RA-10 official Australian website