Settling in to watch a movie? Imagine pressing play on your remote and your lights dim down. Or when the phone rings, you hit pause and the lights dim on. These are two simple examples of what you can do with lighting control, but perhaps the biggest reason to get a lighting control system is to save you some money.

Most lighting control systems are dimmer based and can offer you savings simply by running your lights with less power. RUnning your lights at 90% has a neglible lowering of light output, and saves you ten percent of your power bill. If you don't need as much illumination (and frequently we don't), more savings can be had. Whats more, using a dimmer to slowly ramp your lights on and off will increase the bulb life substantially.

More savings can be had by automating your lights to turn off when they aren't needed. You can schedule your lights to turn off at a certain time, or on an event such as when you arm your security system. You can use the motion sensors attached to your security system to turn lights on or off, making all of your lights capable of being security lights. You can even adjust how bright the lights are depending on the time of day.

Granted lighting control isn't cheap, but when you weigh in the efficiency divedend it isn't that expensive either. And once your lights are automated, you can start to do some really tricky stuff. You can turn off the whole house with a single button at your bedside. You can have stylish preset scenes for mood lighting. You can check whether you left the outdoor lights on from anywhere in the house. There are lots of possibilities, all the require is a little imagination. If your building, renovating or retro-fitting, then we have a range of lighting control solutions we can integrate for you. Pop in and see us for a demonstration.