One of the aims of this display is to offer a fundamental experience of high end audio in such a way as to be a realistic demonstration of the potential installation in a home. So much of the high quality audio scene ... including in some of our own listening areas played back in acoustically modulated rooms that are essentally dedicated studios that are therefore unrepresentative of the end user experience.

StereoNet have written a piece after attending the public release of the premises:

Carlton Audio Visuals new high end mecca

This is the primary system of Aida 2 speakers with Audio Research Reference series electronics

We have the extremely rare Sonus faber SF16 system on display

The Audio Research electronics have ultimate provenance and cred within our industry

A Rega RP10 Turntable is there ... this has the uncannily machined ceramic platter

Sonny the Papillon is our store mascot and companion and can hear to 40 KHz 

The full Sonus faber Homage series is on demonstration

There are occasional gramaphones around ... this one is actually a fake ... as featured in the recent Meerkats TV ad

The wiring is all no compromise Chord Sarum

Real mantelpieces are a delight

A few of the guests for the first public release

The Aida 2 loudspeakers are things of enormous sculptural beauty

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We also have the Sonus faber Il Cremonese on demonstration

This father and son Familari are living icons of the Melbourne high fidelity scene, we are very proud to have Nick working with us

Photos courtesy of Marc Rushton of Stereonet.