We have two new additions to our high end headphone range. The much anticipated HD800 from Sennheiser, who have synonymous with quality headphones for longer than I've been alive, and the AH-D7000 from Denon who is a relative new comer to the headphone market.

I was lucky enough to get a chance to have a listen to the HD800s a few months ago when they were first launched internationally. Any one who asked me about them was in for about half an hour of me singing their praises. Now the Denon AHD7000s are here and have some things to say about who wins the "King of Headphones" competition.

Which is better? There's not really an answer to that. It's a bit like asking which beer is the best, different folk will give you different answers. There's going to be arguments for and against both (unlike the Beer argument there's less likely to be brawls). Both are sublimely comfortable, which is important if you're going to have something on your head for hours on end. Are you going to prefer the soft velour and slightly SciFi look of the HD800s or the Leather cushions and the olde worlde look of the Denons? It's almost like shopping for shoes, you've got to try them on to know what you like.

Then there's the all important question of sound quality! Both are great in there own ways, but the only real way to decide which is right for you is to come in and have a listen. Bring some of your own music, have a coffee and listen to some great head phones.

Sennheiser HD800 website

Denon AHD7000 specification

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