Well as many of you would be aware, we have been stocking PMC speakers for many years. They are a store favourite and proudly owned by a number of staff members and desired by many others.

Their studio heritage, use of ATL (Advanced Transmission Line) technology, and fantastic build quality all makes for great fodder for the publicists; but it’s their sound quality that endears them to us and the millions who own them world wide.

Whether it’s for mastering the latest recordings in some of the world’s best studio’s, or for private listening at home, PMC speakers have an uncanny ability to engage the listener and convey the true sense of the music in a manner that makes many of their “audiophile” competitors sound all too tame and “Hi-Fi”. No, these are not speakers that need to be handled with kid gloves: play them loudly, play them softly; feed them classical, jazz, metal, dance or whatever you like and you’ll find them more than capable of raising the hair on the back of your neck and bringing your music to life.

Which brings us to Bryston. Although we are very happy with PMC’s performance with many of our amplifiers, we have always been aware of PMC’s special relationship with Bryston. In PMC’s home market in the UK, PMC are the importers of Bryston electronics and use them in designing their speakers. Indeed when studio’s order PMC’s with active electronics, it’s Bryston electronics that are supplied. So when you partner Bryston with PMC, you are hearing the speakers exactly as the designers intended.

Of course Bryston electronics are not restricted to just working with PMC. As another product tried and tested in the demanding studio environment they are used professionally to power a wide range of different speakers, many of which are not as amplifier friendly as PMC, yet they accomplish this task without strain – seemingly without effort at all. Integrated amps, power amps, a CD player and a DAC, the Bryston range hallmarks are detail, control and the build quality of a product designed to last.

Bryston and PMC are a true studio reference for the home.